Teichman TM550 / TM330 thermometer non-contact infrared thermometer TD360 TM330H / TM550H

Teichman TM550 / TM330 thermometer non-contact infrared thermometer TD360 TM330H / TM550H

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: Teichman
  • Model: TM550
  • Item No: TD360
  • Color Classification: TM550 / 550 degrees TM330 / 330 degrees TD360 / 360 ° upgraded TM330H / 450 of the upgraded version of TM550H / 580 degrees
  • Renovation and construction content: the main material procurement

TM330H / TM550H Both thermometer is a continuation of the company recently introduced a new compact products.

Original article TM330 / 330 degrees Present Upgrade 450 degrees 72 yuan / Taiwan (excluding Charger Kit)

Original article TM55 / 550 degrees Present Upgrade 580 degrees 85 yuan / Taiwan (excluding Charger Kit)

Dimensions compact appearance, easy to carry, with excellent price.

Infrared thermometer compact, easy to carry, the laser pointer can easily aim at the target and accurately measure the temperature, it is safe and ideal for non-contact temperature measurement diagnostic tool can be widely used in heating, ventilation, electricity, transportation and many other fields .
TD360 / TM330 / TM550 thermometer is a continuation of the three recently launched our new compact products. Dimensions compact appearance, easy to carry, with excellent value for money.
among them TM550 temperature is designed to measure the low temperature -50 ~ 550 ℃ Easy to implement, and can be used normally in the northeast and northwest regions of low temperature, measured at room temperature is the best choice!

Here is the TM550 product parameters
Temperature range -50℃~ 550℃
Temperature measurement accuracy ± 3% or ± 2 ℃
℃ / ℉ temperature unit conversion function
Measure the distance ratio 12: 1
Data Hold function
Automatic shutdown
Low Battery Indication
Backlight Display Selection
Laser target display selection function
Emissivity 0.95 fixed emissivity
Response time and long response 500ms & (8-14) um
Repeatability ± 1% or ± 1 ℃
powered by 9-volt alkaline battery
LCD Size
Product color yellow
Product Weight 130g
Product Size 146 * 80 * 38mm
Package 1 (China) Blister loaded jams
Standard Carton capacity 40
Standard Carton Size 55 * 37.5 * 25.5cm

The following parameters for the TD360

Basic parameters

Product number


Temperature range



measurement accuracy

± 2 ℃ or 2%

D: S Object distance ratio



Fixed 0.95


± 1 ℃ or 1%

Response time


display resolution


Spectral response

8μm ~ 14μm

special function

℃ / ℉ switching selection

Laser switch

Display Hold

8 sec

Automatic shut-down

Battery power display

LCD Background light switch

Power Products

9VBattery (6F22)

LCD size


body color

Yellow + Blue



Product Weight


Product Configuration

Host battery warranty card manual

Packaging standards

Blister jams (optional nylon box sets)

Standard packaging quantity


Standard package size


Standard Gross Weight


Here is the TM330 product parameters

Basic functions Range
temperature range
Spectral range

display resolution
D: S (distance to spot size ratio)
Response time
Spectral response
Laser power
Display Hold

8-14 microns
± 1.5% or ± 1.5 ℃ (3 ℉), <0 ℃ (32 ℃), (1 ℃ (2 ℉) ± 0.20 ° / 1 °) calculated after taking a large value, assuming that the working environment temperature of 23 ℃ (73 ℉) to 25 ℃ (77 ℉)
± 0.5% of reading or ± 0.5 ℃ (1 ℉)
500mS (95% of reading)
8 μm to 14 μm
Wavelength of 630-670 nm, output <1mW
7 seconds

special function
℃ / ℉ selection
Adjustable emissivity
Maintaining the temperature readings
Laser switch
search for
Maximum Display
Min Displays
White backlight
Automatic shut-down

Fixed 0.95

General Characteristics
power supply
LCD Size
body color
Body weight
Standard accessories
standard packaging

A 9V battery
Orange + Grey
Battery, manual, warranty card

product description

This product uses the new low-power chip design, combined with scientific algorithms, using their own software innovation, self-improvement of the circuit, in order to achieve the same precision, stability, and cost-effective beyond, create value for users of design products using science and technology to human studied mechanical engineering, design, combined with an optional protective cover accessories, to achieve a more comprehensive product protection.