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Polar night / topfeel T1 Max quad-core home living room desktop computers | mini mini HTPC host

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Product parameters:

  • Product Name: topfeel T1 MAX
  • CPU type: Celeron / Celeron
  • Model: INTEL quad-core J1900
  • Brand: topfeel
  • Model: T1 MAX
  • Solid-state hard drive capacity: 64g
  • Energy efficiency rating: a
  • Weight: 1kg or less
  • color: black
  • Desktop type: HTPC
  • For brand: Intel / Intel
  • Taiwan machine Intel Model: Other / other
  • Memory Capacity: 4GB
  • Memory Type: Other / other
  • Hard drive capacity: 500GB
  • Hard disk interface: SATA3
  • Hard disk rotational speed: ssd
  • Graphics Interface: Other / other
  • Memory Capacity: shared system memory
  • Screen size: No display
  • Display Type: Without display
  • Drive Type: no CD-ROM
  • Condition: New
  • Service: Genius

Why polar night? A reason enough to give you five!

1 Polar Night joint Haier Group and Foxconn to create a joint, strong heat, stable and durable, excellent quality truly guaranteed.

2 Polar night hired film star Chen Zi Han as the image of endorsement, supervision star brand, which is capricious, guaranteed.

3 Polar night T1 Max offer the Genius service, door hardware including 365 days, (nearly 2000-3000 home UNPROFOR outlets, almost throughout the country level cities), through the national 3C certification, regular guaranteed.

4 Polar night is a real focus on the mini-computer intelligent, smart living room equipment R & D sales of brands, feel intelligent life, I chose the polar night.

5 Made with the mind, focus on quality, excellence, conscience pricing, do trustworthy smart devices ethnic card.

T1 Max Advantage office:

1 Mini body, a bottle of mineral water height, but has the same chassis and the general performance of large, have to say is a new breakthrough, piano paint technology, refined aesthetic appearance.

2 Although the polar night T1 Max mini body, but the measure is great (SATA interface, support AHCI), 64G solid + 1T mechanical dual hard drives.

3 J1900 with Intel quad-core processor, Core frequency up to 2.4GHZ, strong performance, 4G large memory, 64G SSD tens boot (for different system, boot time is slightly different to the actual subject) .

4 pole Night T1 Max can be connected to TV, with the polar night intelligent remote control system (purchased separately, customer purchase), immediately becomes smart TV, set-top boxes Andrews rejection N street, while Android simulator installation, dual system performance, ready to enter, smart new experience life a new direction.

5 pole Night T1 Max Can also be used for office, mini body, does not occupy space in this increasingly pay attention to environmental protection, but also rents rose's, mini-computers, the advantage is obvious. Dual formation, stocks, office, do everything, travel outside, bring polar night to the hotel or conference room, or even on the projection TV immediately get, super convenient. At the same time, play the game can also be Oh, LOL, CF, etc. after we measured, moderate effects can run smoothly.