Genuine outdoor survival whistle earthquake SEAROCK | high frequency lifesaving whistle | waterproof compartment with information 3385

Genuine outdoor survival whistle earthquake SEAROCK | high frequency lifesaving whistle | waterproof compartment with information 3385

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Product Name: high-frequency earthquake survival whistle lifesaving whistle ...
  • Brand: Searock / Haiyan
  • Item: warehouse with survival whistle
  • made in China
  • Price tag: 8
  • Color: multicolor random
  • Time to market: Spring 2013

Material: Aluminum

Experiencing sound is not very loud, they can adjust the plastic sheet inside the settlement.

After the outdoor distress, just waiting to be rescued when the role of the small things too much. When you're hoarse, even if you are a stone's throw away from the rescue workers can not find you, but as long as there is breath you can blow it for life want to continue to win! although the small things but please do not ignore the details around!
As long as people are often in outdoor activities, I believe will bring a whistle, but we took a whistle signal of how many people really understand the meaning of the whistle?
Not necessarily spend whistle when in distress, for example, between the front and say hello to determine the approximate distance, the other probably determine which direction the like.
But do not get too excited, because a lot of people outside just whim sometimes under whistle blowing, blowing more, we also did not feel anything, really we need to blow the whistle for help when no one responded, which is a wolf to the story. Here to tell you about the whistle and signal lights and other means.
1, ● short sound (one second)
2, ■ long tone (more than 3 seconds)
3, within 2-3 seconds interval command whistle
4, between instruction at intervals of 30 seconds or more
Universal International SOS emergency: three short, three long, three short, continue to repeat one minute.
Alpine International General emergency: Six short, continue to repeat one minute.
Universal International Alpine emergency signal and International SOS emergency signal can be generic, but the No. 6 belongs to alpine SMS signal, SOS is a versatile signal.
Communication (T): ■ for the team contact, in order to determine the orientation of each other, after receiving a signal issued on behalf of the received signal;
Collection (U): ● ● ■ set the direction of the signal sent;
Before entering (V): ● ■ rest issue represents the starting team, marching issue represents accelerate progress;
Former team waiting (W): ● ■ ■ for teams traveling long distances, it is required to wait before the team after the team;
Request support (S): ● ● ● When faced with difficulties to seek help issued by the received signal to the communication tone (T) said it would reply to the support;
Seeking help (SOS): ● ● ● ■ ■ ■ ● ● ● This is the international SOS code.
Report position, with former team after team or contact: ■ ■ ■ If you do not receive a response signal may be repeated after one minute;
After receiving three long signals, in response to a signal report Ping: three short, can be repeated after one minute;
More signals, we all know the meaning, but do not Luanchui, in addition to rescue signal, other signals from the general before, during and after the blow persons, the use of reflective mirror and a flashlight and whistle same.
PSK saddled his whistle, I hope we can make good use!

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