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Outdoor authentic SEAROCK earthquake to survive whistle | high-frequency life-saving whistle | with information waterproof storage 3385

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  • Product Name: Earthquake Survivor Whistle ...
  • Brand: Searock / Sea Rock
  • Item No: With a survival whistle
  • made in China
  • Price tag: 8
  • Color classification: multi-color random
  • Time to market: Spring 2013

Material: Aluminum alloy

Encounter sound is not very loud, you can adjust the plastic inside the solution.

In outdoor distress, as long as waiting for the rescue when the role of this little thing is too big. When you hoarse, even if the rescue workers from you Zhichi away also found you, but as long as you can survive the sound of it, for life Continue to win hope! Things are small but please do not ignore the details around!
As long as the people in the outdoor activities, I believe will bring a whistle, but we have a whistle, how many people really understand the whistle signal meaning?
Not necessarily in distress when used on the whistle, for example, say hello between before and after, to determine the approximate distance to determine the direction in which the other side probably.
But do not be too excited, because many people sometimes only temporarily whistled outside whistle, blowing more, we also did not feel anything, to really need to whistle for help when no one responded, which is a wolf To the following story to tell you about whistle and light signal meaning.
1, ● short tone (one second)
2, ■ long tone (3 seconds or more)
3, the command whistle interval of 2-3 seconds
4, the interval between instructions more than 30 seconds
International General SOS emergency: three short, three long, three short, a minute to continue to repeat.
International General Alpine emergency: six short, a minute to continue to repeat.
International common mountain emergency signal and the international general SOS emergency signal can be universal, but the 6 short signal belongs to the mountain signal, SOS is a common signal.
Communication (T): ■ for the team to determine the relationship between the orientation of the signal received after the signal received on behalf of the issue;
Collection (U): ● The set of directions sent to the signal;
Forward (V): ● ■ issued when the break that the team starting, moving forward that accelerated forward;
Front team wait (W): ● for team travel distance is too long, require the former team to wait for the team;
Request support (S): ● ● ● When you need help when you encounter difficulties, the recipient will reply with a tone (T) to indicate support.
Help (SOS): ● This is the international common SOS code.
Report the position, contact with the former team or after team: ■ ■ ■ If you do not receive the response signal, a minute can be repeated;
Received three long signal, the response signal report safe: three short, one minute can be repeated;
The above signals, we must know the meaning, but not indiscriminate blowing, in addition to the rescue signal, other signals generally by the front, middle and rear personnel blowing, mirror and flashlight use the same way as the whistle.
PSK prepared on the whistle, I hope you can make good use of!

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