Dedicated to the Guangzhou Automobile Chi Chuan GS4 side pedal | GS4 pedal pedals modified outer side guard door sill

Dedicated to the Guangzhou Automobile Chi Chuan GS4 side pedal | GS4 pedal pedals modified outer side guard door sill

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: car ignition products
  • Model: Trumpchi GS4 side tread
  • Car brands: Trumpchi
  • Cars: GS4
  • Model Year: 2015 models
  • Color Classification: Original Jin moving section - four brackets [] original special Trumpchi GS4 extension Feng Chi Chuan GS4 special section [original] Jin moving section - eight small brackets [] Chi Chuan GS4 dedicated factory fresh movable section - one of the brackets [] unilateral Trumpchi GS4 special side pedal, please consult customer service photographed
  • Pedal material: aluminum + plastic

Now the market to sell the good side of the pedal, all our family factory fresh move this paragraph with a style, why sell well, because it is a nice side tread, and the quality is also good, but also resulting in a large number of imitation paragraph cheating and the pedal bracket is for another change, now the general opinion, there are three stents on the market:

1. Four iron bracket, this bracket, but also our best-selling a home, because this is the stent although only four, but it is very very long each bracket, and the bracket on the distribution of the former Here on the back door of the car is easy to step on, bearing 100 kg very easily.

2. The eight small bracket, this is our second paragraph, the holder of the pedal body is uniformly supported it, but the location is often stepped on the two doors, the load-bearing fan. 8 and small bracket 4 big difference is that the stent, four bearing bracket focuses on two doors common position, design more scientific and more practical. (there are differences in more detail, see the following picture contrast.)

Tap the SF side of it! Buy now Trumpchi GS4 side tread SF in remote areas package Debon logistics, logistics is not home delivery, buyers need to pick Nadu respective outlets from mentioning as not Nadu the area is recommended to contact customer service other courier (express freight is more expensive because of the side riding weight of about 20 kilograms heavy and large, express is according to the weight or volume, maximum value to account for express shipping).

In addition to Heilongjiang, Jilin, Xinjiang, Tibet, Yunnan, Hainan and Qinghai excluding SF, package Debon logistics pro who can go from mentioning make sure to select the package Debon logistics later. Otherwise not passed back after purchase, return shipping buyers need to bear.

Cayenne models side pedal installation requires a few centimeters small hole cut in the side skirts convenient mounting bracket is recommended to find professional installation details, please contact customer service! Mind carefully shot!