BenQ BenQ 24X DVD Burner | CD-ROM | DVD recorders Computer | installed the necessary

BenQ BenQ 24X DVD Burner | CD-ROM | DVD recorders Computer | installed the necessary

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Product Name: Benq / BenQ BenQ DVD
  • Brand: Benq / BenQ
  • Model: BenQ DVD
  • Drive Type: DVD-RW
  • Supported disc standards: DVD-R DVD + RW
  • Recording format: DVD + RW
  • Interface Type: SATA
  • Maximum DVD burning speed: 18X
  • Condition: New
  • Service: Genius
  • Packaging volume: 1.5
  • GW: 1

BenQ burner DW24AS

BenQ burner DW24AS advocate dials a new concept, to bring you smooth, steady enjoy to read the disk, the ultimate video world any of your pursuit!

Product Features Selling Point

BenQ burner DW24AS

1. Multi-format compatibility, Super DVD burner (supports CD, DVD, DVD-RAM) 2.BenQ SolidBurn- self-learning technology innovation ultimate bodyguard, burn the scientific community. 3. random storage and erasing recorded data. 4 support SATA interface. 5. The short body design, computer installation easier.

Brand Honors Brand Awards
1998 BenQ optical storage family (including BenQ drives, recorders and discs) launched the first-ever image --- crocodiles 'jaws crocodile', creating a virtual image of the optical storage industry to enable a precedent for the endorsement of the crocodile never picky habits and BenQ drive 'never pick plate' characteristics very consistent, that is quickly accepted by consumers. BenQ is also less than a year's time to get on the top spot in the optical drive market. following the mouth crocodile and received a market success, BenQ has launched speed crocodile, crocodile pen God, God crocodile lines, Ginko crocodile, alligator and a series of digital cartoon crocodile, 'happy crocodile never picky eaters' image is gaining in popularity, BenQ light storage product family deserved to become the first brand optical storage, the market leader for 13 consecutive years.
Brand Brand Introduction
BenQ brand profile
BenQ was established in 1984 to launch his own brand BenQ in 2001, 'Enjoyment' brand positioning, 'fashion digital network products' as the core concept of development, with product design, visual technology and mobile technology three the core competitiveness of products covering digital media, computer systems and peripherals, network communications and 3C digital integration products. BenQ is part of BenQ Group. BenQ Group of sixteen independent companies across the information technology, consumer electronics and medical electronics, and other fields. Group companies were thorough industrial layout, is not only the industry's innovation leader, but also the formation of a highly integrated value chain, from key technology to branded products and services, BenQ Group fully integrated competitive advantage and the resources, thus forming a unique '5C' strategy.
Through horizontal integration, vertical division of labor mutual sharing of resources, coordination, BenQ Group companies provide a high-quality, innovative and diversified 5C products and services to the global market, continue to guide the wave of the digital revolution.