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Tianjin Europe wave DS32 / AL32 level automatic level of high-precision level tripod tripod

Tianjin Europe wave DS32 / AL32 level automatic level of high-precision level tripod tripod
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Product parameters:

  • Brand: Tjop / Tianjin European wave
  • Model: DS32
  • Item No .: DS32
  • DS32 Standard + Aluminum Tripod (Premium) DS32 Standard + Wooden Tripod (Premium) DS32 Standard + Aluminum Tripod (Premium) DS32 Standard + Wooden Tripod (Premium) Aluminum Tripod +5 Mt.Table (line) AL32 AL32 Standard (free) AL32 Standard + 5MT (optional) AL32 Standard + Wood Tripod (Premium) AL32 Standard + Aluminum Tripod DS32H standard DS32H standard (gift) DS32H standard + five meter tower feet (gifts) DS32H standard + wooden tripod (gifts) DS32H standard (gift) With aluminum tripod (gifts) DS32H standard + wood / aluminum tripod +5 M tower feet (gifts)
  • Decoration and construction content: installation works

Buy to know : AL32 level as the export model, manufacturers of different production batches, the machine itself The color may be different, so the machine after the single-color random delivery model!

Tripod features:

Aluminum tripod: waterproof, lightweight
Wooden tripod: strong, heavy
Factory default 'plus tripod tower feet' Package default tripod for the wooden tripod, such as aluminum tripod can be noted in the remarks which, or contact online customer service instructions.
Europe wave level package description:
Manufacturer Standard: Protection box A water level host A manual A certificate A correction pin An internal hex wrench A
Europe wave level DS32 use:
1. Instrument installation

1) Adjust the tripod to level with the human eye, tighten the screws

2) After the tripod is level, adjust the tripod to the ground

3) Mount the instrument on a tripod and fasten it with the center screw

4) Adjust the foot screw hand wheel so that the bubble is centered.

2. Aim and focus

1) aim the ruler with an optical sight

2) Turn the eyepiece handwheel to make the reticle sight clear

3) Turn the focus wheel until the scale becomes clear
4) Rotate the horizontal loop micro-hand wheel so that the scale is imaged at the center of the field of view.
Water Level Leveling Method:
1) Adjust the instrument handwheel to make the bubble center

2) Rotate the foot screw handwheel to move the blister toward the center of the circle

3) Use the Allen wrench to adjust the blister screws to move the blister to the center

4) Repeat the above steps until the telescope turns to any direction and the round blisters are always centered.

5) Turn the instrument 180 ° round the blister should be in the center, otherwise it must be corrected