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Arsenal | Self-rod mini-wire phone millet Universal Self artifact Apple 6plus from licensing dry bay

Product code: -4680400030
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Sold quantity 122715
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Product parameters:

  • Brand: Arsenal
  • Model: YDS self-timer lever
  • Whether or not containing remote control: no
  • Material: Other
  • Color Classification: YDS-- self-timer self-timer lever [mint green YDS-- lever [[purple pink YDS-- self-timer lever Self-printed pink YDS fishing rod [Panda YDS-- printing Self-stick egg [Jun YDS-- printing Self-stick [ sweet girl YDS-- printing Self-fishing rod [[Panda YDS-- printing Self-stick egg flower child king fishing panda sweet girl child large yellow flowers mirror black mint green large mirror large mirror -YDS self-timer lever [big pink mirror -YDS Self-stick [mint green large mirror self-timer lever [purple -YDS

plug To plug in the end not to be blocked by mobile phone shell. Several times to restart the phone for the first time with a plug recognition Oh!