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Middle - aged wigs hand - woven mother white flowers really wigs short hair female oblique grandmother Liu whole

Middle - aged wigs hand - woven mother white flowers really wigs short hair female oblique grandmother Liu whole
Product code: 4680300030
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Sold quantity 1232
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Product parameters:

  • Product Name: gabalnara HGB-018
  • Brand: gabalnara
  • Wigs single product: HGB-018
  • Color classification: natural black trumpet natural black medium number natural black large natural brown trumpet natural brown medium number natural brown large half-woven black (head circumference message) all hand-woven black (head Wai please message) Head circumference size message) fine hand hand black trumpet fine hand hand black middle number fine hand needle black large
  • Applicable to: Ms. in the elderly
  • Hair material: real hair
  • Wigs banghai classification: oblique bangs
  • Fake Hair: Short Straight Hair
  • Style: Business / OL

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Because this wig is loved by middle-aged mother, once popular, became the latest popular one of the elderly in this year's old wig .Therefore, Taobao and mall are in succession A lot of imitation.

Like the hair of the pro, Please be sure to look for us GABALNARA brand Oh, pictures can be stolen, evaluation can be copied , But the quality is not plagiarism.

Our style since the shelves since 4 months selling more than 2,000 pen, the cumulative evaluation of more than 1000, the score has been maintained at 4.9 points or more, by virtue of the excellent quality.

Many buyers choose a number of shops, choose to choose the last choice of our home. Real gold is not afraid of fire, good quality things are not afraid of the pro.

A lot of unscrupulous sellers, cut corners to compress the cost, and then sold at low prices. Pro must be carefully identified.

Give the mother, especially the skin care products, must be carefully selected good.

A penny is always reasonable. Pro who must be eyebrows carefully screening, do not greedy small cheap.

Flower white

Process introduction comparison:

size model
56 below small
56-59cm All code
59-63cm large

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If you want to send other courier, forward through the rhyme delivery, so the time may be slow 1Day or so. Hope pro to understand Oh.

Cash on delivery orders, the default delivery SF Express, such as Shun Feng can not, please contact online customer service.

Rhyme delivery in general 3-5Days or so arrival, SF Express 2-3Day or so arrival, EMS general 4-7Day or so arrival.

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