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Rui Pu Tablet PC ipad air2 mobile phone mini4 Andrews win mini - 3 ultra - thin wireless Bluetooth keyboard 56

Rui Pu Tablet PC ipad air2 mobile phone mini4 Andrews win mini - 3 ultra - thin wireless Bluetooth keyboard 56
Product code: 46772000030
Unit price 7.67-9.27$
Sold quantity 14259
Available stock 11653

Product parameters:

  • Product Name: sharp universal 902 single keyboard
  • Brand: Rui Pu
  • Model: 902 single keyboard
  • Package Type: Package One official standard
  • Yes No Mechanical keyboard: No
  • Color Classification: Black White
  • Whether to support plug and play: not supported
  • Connection: Wireless
  • Is there a multimedia function key: None
  • Interface Type: Bluetooth
  • Whether to support ergonomics: support
  • Condition: New

Warm reminder: laptop and desktop, need to use the Bluetooth adapter to use it!

We offer new R & D support for ios, Andrews and winel's wireless Bluetooth keyboards. As long as your phone or tablet has Bluetooth, you can connect this keyboard with a Bluetooth pair, the physical keyboard, Typing worries.

Dispensers the whole sentence:

1, The actual size of our baby is actually 9.8 inches it, Bie People how much money to sell 9.6-inch you know! Leng home how much money to sell le

2, And some silver into the price into 28 yuan, when the point to buy the original to know the original small 7-inch 28 yuan! Big sell 58 yuan! Nima title party, pit father ah!

3, Our family treasurer Meng Meng da da
.8Inch large full-size Bluetooth keyboard as long as 48 yuan! Bottom black patch! Broadcom Bluetooth chip! On this price! Buy expensive prizes! Buy expensive prizes!

Pro remember: large easy to use! Easy to use!

Treasurer strong push:

We have specially prepared for the keyboard codon severe patients "Chao Value package a "equipped with a double storage bag, folding mobile phone / flat bracket, the details page has pictures, speculation chicken cost, quick start Oh!

New improvements:

1, the bottom of the keyboard plus black Gao file Paste the skin!

2, hair courier set on the kraft paper bubble bag!

Shocked! Dispensers actually sent this!

By the statistics to buy our keyboard pro-sixty percent are excellent (

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Dispensers Q & A

Must read before

One, the keyboard is Bluetooth? Sell so cheap, no problem with quality?

Dispensers: Keyboard is Bluetooth, and the Bluetooth chip is the United States Bertone 20730 chip (yes that is for the Apple baseband chip to provide the United States Broadcom), the reaction rate is 3 times the chip in Taiwan, do not believe the keyboard can be demolished The sale of cheap because of this keyboard we last year to prepare the activities of the eleven, prepared tens of thousands of goods, the final activities did not report, and now in the clear inventory, inventory finished inventory to restore the original price of 59 yuan! Make money, pro to sympathize with us, to shoot a package it, or gifts are also not clear it. Are good things, quality assurance is no problem, one year free warranty, lifetime warranty.

Second, the keyboard is how big size? Why not red? Gold?

Dispensers: The keyboard is 9.8-inch, that is, other counterparts of the subject of wealthy, the specific parameters are long 25 cm x width 15 cm x thick 0.5 cm. Yes, only the classic wild black, suffering from 'do not buy color sleep Eat bad syndrome 'of the pro can only go to the peer to buy (expensive), sorry sorry!

Third, the keyboard to support mobile phone? Tablet? Notebook? Desktop?

Dispensers: Samsung, HTC, opponents, Meizu, ZTE, Lenovo, cool, music, Onda. Taipower, cool than Rubik's cube, Apple, Samsung, HTC and other brands of mobile phones or flat-panel can be used (not written out, as long as Is the Andrews system and Apple system support) windows system flat and mobile phone, as long as there is support for Bluetooth, windows system, desktop and notebook need to match the Bluetooth adapter, Caixing, Caixing!

Fourth, the keyboard is charging it? How long can the charge? How long can it cost?

Dispensers: Product description on the write a little subtle, in fact, you can pat the chest, said: polymer lithium battery, charging three hours, with two weeks! Continuous typing use more than 60 hours! (Some people say: others can use 6 days! This is too water! Well he is smart, he knows you will not go to beat for 6 days to test)

Fifth, the keyboard to support what input method? How to switch input method?

Dispensers: Keyboard to connect the Apple IOS system, can only be used only Apple's own input method (Apple system is closed features caused by the really not the keyboard thing) to connect Andrews system, Sogou, palm, And other input method can be, you can see which one to use, you can test one by one. Switch input method: ctrl + space, win + space, shift + space are trying! There is always a way for you!

Six, look at the evaluation that your product is the bottom of the metal plate is not painted Yeah!

Dispensers: The bottom of the too LOW! With white iron! Ugly can not see! Do not reverse! Semi-finished products! We are not stingy to spray the back of our keyboard! Treasurer good face, is a stress, under the anger (angry) , Pull out the private money to give all the keyboard plus a black paste skin! Now look good, than other home black paint high more than 3 files! Manual, we are advocating low-carbon environmental protection, will not give customer service MM to electronic File brochure!

Seven, 包邮? Made what courier? Day delivery? I heard that you package goods is very violent!

Dispensers: Free of charge, this section of the baby default hair Shen Tong, the day before 5 pm photographed, the day of hair, after 5:00 to shoot the second day of hair because the baby is more resistant to exercise (on this point we grass chicken self), before delivery are Direct bare metal throwing the box are sent away! Psychological fragile pro to see can not stand, how can I pay the money baby ?! So we improved: Now the keyboard is the first to install kraft paper bag, and then And then install the thickening of the aircraft box, and then sets the waterproof bag, it was issued it!

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