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Men 's cotton socks leisure sports socks striped cotton in the tube socks gift boxes

Men 's cotton socks leisure sports socks striped cotton in the tube socks gift boxes
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Product parameters:

  • Time to market: Spring / summer 2014
  • Double: 5 pairs
  • Brand: Latin
  • Style No .: w-1110
  • Fabric Material Composition: Cotton 74% Polyester 23% Polyurethane Elastic Fiber (Spandex) 3%
  • Color Category: four-color random mix
  • Size: four pairs of five-color mix
  • Tube height: the tube
  • Thickness: Conventional
  • Crotch style: ordinary crotch
  • Main material: cotton
  • Pattern: Stripes
  • Clothing style details: Jacquard
  • Socks functional purposes: moisture perspiration
  • Style: Sports
  • Applicable Gender: Male
  • Applicable season: Four Seasons

01 Selected raw materials

A selection of fine materials, a good pair of socks, a full need for hundreds of good cotton. Precipitation. Sunshine is our strict requirements for each one. Qu Kuang to your eyes before the socks healthy and comfortable. We also give strict color fastness requirements of 4 to 5. Carefully selected, only for each of our commitment to trust.

02 fine weaving

Weaving, stitching, dyeing, stereotypes, drying, packaging, inspection 8 processes, for every link I have a nearly stringent inspection requirements.Therefore, the production of 32S cotton yarn weaving machine,

03 Excellence

Our socks products. The entire production process requires strict, exquisite workmanship, quality and quality of layers of cards. Only each level by the quality of the seizure department after. Socks can have the honor to paste our 'excellent' mark to be shipped.

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