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Yasuo new spring loading velvet wild corduroy straight young loose Korean casual shoes pants trousers tide

Yasuo new spring loading velvet wild corduroy straight young loose Korean casual shoes pants trousers tide
Product code: 46710600030
Unit price 23.83$
Sold quantity 71340
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Product parameters:

  • Year of the year: 2016 winter
  • Material Composition: Cotton 97% Polyurethane Elastic Fiber (Spandex) 3%
  • Pants long: trousers
  • Item: YZ14361033
  • Color: 723 Navy Blue 721 Blue 61033 Coffee Brown 842 Black 842 Blue 61033 Noble Blue 61033 Black 847 Classic Black 6665 Black Camouflage
  • Size: 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 38
  • Style details: pocket decoration
  • Process: no iron treatment
  • Brand: Yezoe /
  • Main material content: cotton
  • Cotton content: 95% or more
  • Applicable season: spring
  • Applicable scenes: other leisure
  • Applicable to: youth
  • Stretch: bullet
  • Waist type: waist
  • Thickness: conventional
  • Time to market: 2016 years
  • Style: Taper Pants
  • Clothing version type: Slim
  • Trousers mouth style: feet
  • Basic style: fashion city
  • Break down style: basic public
  • Color: Base color (black and white, etc.)
  • Fabric: Corduroy
  • Pattern: Other

You have to buy N reasons:

1, stretch really double shares corduroy Fabric , Comfortable, skin-friendly, breathable, to know now a lot of cheap online In order to save the cost of fabric, will add a lot of chemical fiber composition of this pants Elasticity Really double shares corduroy pants, we all know, stretch pants than the bullet-free pants are much more expensive , Do not fade can not afford the ball, buy cheap, wear rest assured, 10,000 worth worth owning.

2, harsh workmanship , Not only a good appearance, the whole pants are used inside Exquisite craftsmanship , Tell the truth in general will do, casual pants is hard to find is to do so, even if the line is also very little to do so!

3, accessories , Our use of accessories including reinforced zippers and buttons, in fact, this is nothing to say, Line under a few hundred pieces of casual pants , Generally also use this level.

4, improved version type , To tell the truth is not the type of pants every shop are the same type, which we asked the master version of the game Thigh, calf, waist, hip and other four key parts to improve , Making this pants in line with the majority of people wearing habits, so that people like to wear self is not too tight, legs are not ideal people can wear clothing with self-cultivation feeling.

Buy it early!

Good and bad you do not see you, the benefits are not affordable evaluation of the final say. 4.8 points high praise, days cat mall 'brand men's trousers' drunk high evaluation shop.

This section pants work fineness is very high, and the fabric is the real imports of real shares of corduroy, this high - end fabrics are required to be customized, the fabric delivery time to 45 days, the transport time to 1 Month, so the shipping speed is very slow, the last batch of 4000 has been sold out! The current sales for the fresh baked this week, 2000, according to the order of payment delivery! Quantity is limited, will be sold out! Missed another month !

Recently our shop encountered a malicious counterparty photographed baby, confirmed receipt and bad feedback after the refund, the restaurant said it was helpless, hope that peer competition, do not because our family of small profits and more impact on your business to malicious negative feedback, the use of this The next three means of malicious competition will be retribution!

On the color, before the picture with a larger color, has now hired a professional photographer to take pictures, basically no color, but because the corduroy mercerizing effect, different angles and light brightness will be different colors, this is corduroy Advantages, please do not be a disadvantage.