Genuine new 8018C King Kong section of the bank-specific Dianchao Ji-smart detectors | touch screen | USB upgrade

Genuine new 8018C King Kong section of the bank-specific Dianchao Ji-smart detectors | touch screen | USB upgrade

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Product Name: suanpan / new big JBY D8018 (...
  • Level: Class C
  • Color classification: black and white
  • Brand: suanpan / new big
  • Model: JBY D8018 (C)

Kam pseudo-ability: ★★★★★

This machine is the Bank's successful professional-level Dianchao Ji, for our company heavyweight products, can identify all counterfeit money,

Product Type: New Big JBYD 8018C

Product Name: Bank-specific (CCB to develop production) Total intelligent mixed point Dianchao Ji (HD DB SA CE can be high imitation counterfeit money and a quarter of stitching counterfeit money)

Features: mixed total leakage total package loss compensation


Total Amount / Fluorescence Recognition / Magnetic Identification / Paper Identification / Identification /

Residue identification / Lian Zhang identification / security line identification / re-Zhang recognition / folder identification /

Denomination recognition / cumulative function / calendar

main feature:

1) the first domestic touch-screen models to intellectual to be able to touch technology

2) the first changeable appearance, unique changes, King Kong reproduction

3) dual-screen design, large LCD screen, time counting, subject and object will be two

4) slide-type storage box, reflecting the human design

Treasurer Recommended: This money counter for the whole intelligent voice counter, LCD display window, using the all-digital technology compatible with the old and new version of the latest high-tech products, Simple, high degree of automation of intelligent financial equipment.

This machine is suitable for cash flow of large banks, hotels, other enterprises and individuals.
Old and new versions of RMB compatible.
High-brightness LCD screen display, the shell is made of polymer materials, more emergent noble and gorgeous.
1. You can clear the denominations in different denominations.
Anti-counterfeiting more comprehensive and reliable. (Optical Kam, magnetic Kam, security line decoding, digital, spectrum).
You can preset a number of sheets for a batch count, especially for wages.

'Technical Specifications':

Main features: fluorescence identification of pseudo, magnetic Kam false, digital Kam false, residue identification, folder identification, format identification, automatic counting, automatic start and stop, automatic reset, preset number, version, cumulative, fault self-diagnosis .

1. Coupled with fashion dynamic modeling, noble and generous, reflecting the extraordinary quality.
2. Business economic models, super-all-digital information processing, intelligent financial equipment.
3. Identification of banknotes, sensors using digital adaptive technology, automatic learning function, accurate and reliable detection, powerful.
4. High-grade liquid crystal display, omni-directional perspective.
5. Unique side of the operating system, more convenient and more ergonomic, can effectively reduce the work fatigue.
6. All imported IC and sensor parts, machine performance is more stable, more reliable.

The product conforms to the national standard of GB16999-1997 "RMB counterfeit note distinguishing instrument" and the financial industry standard of the People's Bank of China JR / T0002-94 "banknote counting machine". The machine adopts advanced technology such as CPU control and digital identification, fuzzy judgment, The fourth set of RMB 50, 100 yuan and the fifth set of RMB denominations can automatically determine, check money accurate, easy to operate. This series of products have passed the national compulsory product certification (3C).

Technical Parameters
Counting speed: ≥ 900 / min
Into the notes and access capacity: ≥ 120 sheets
Count display range: 1-999 sheets
Preset number display range: 1-999
Counting size: Length 110-180mm
Width 50-80mm
Thickness 0.075-0.15mm

Delivery note: friction sub-Zhang
Power supply range: 220V (1 ± 10%) 50HZ (1 ± 50%)
No-load running noise: <60DB
Power consumption: <50W
Ambient temperature: 40% -90%
Overall dimensions: 310 × 260 × 220 (mm)
Machine weight: 6.5kg

Maintenance and precautions
1, to avoid the work of a strong light source, so as to avoid inaccurate and false false alarm.
2, when used to avoid a strong magnetic field or may have a strong interference with the electricity grid, such as pistol bricks, welding machines.
3, the unit allows the use of the voltage range of AC: 220V + -15%. The voltage is too high will damage the machine, the machine will work too low will lead to instability, out of machine, do not forget shutdown.
4, do not set the wet place to prevent leakage and click.
5, regularly use the brush with a random cleaning machine to remove dust, and do not forget to turn off the power switch, unplug the power plug.
6, the machine power, the boot again the shortest time interval can not be less than 5 seconds, otherwise it may lead to job instability.
7, the machine should not be counted in serious damage (especially soft, oil, transparent, patch area is too large, etc.) of the notes, otherwise clogged bills, counting are not allowed, false alarms and so on.
8, after the end of each day, should be promptly clean up the machine dust, to ensure that the machine work properly.

Production license: XK00-0010016
Through the China National CCC compulsory product certification
Through the ISO9001, 2000 international quality system certification

Since the date of purchase, you can enjoy the following standard services:

1: seven days no reason to be returned (the original goods should be intact, back and forth shipping themselves.)

2: six months Baohuan: from the date of purchase, quality problems within six months Baohuan new machine (back and forth freight themselves, in particular: within a month of quality problems in half of the freight, a month after the buyer out.

3: Lifetime warranty: Since the date of purchase, can enjoy life-long free warranty service (return shipping themselves)

'Goods acceptance'
If the goods are damaged by the courier company during the transportation of goods, we will contact you immediately if the goods are damaged by the transportation of goods in the course of our goods, we have to contact us, With the courier company for goods compensation, so please be sure to meet the buyer! If you must first sign, then you first sign a packaging intact, and then read the goods and then sign your name.

After the inspection is the sign on behalf of recognition, that the goods intact arrival.

Transport damage handling approach:
1. The risk of damage in transit by our commitment! We package goods to your hand is good! But the premise is that you sign
The goods must first open the box inspection and then sign, inspection found damaged please contact us on the spot!

2. Signed means that the goods have arrived in your hands in good condition! Please be sure to sign carefully! Signs found damaged we are fully responsible for: Free postage and spare parts to make up your accessories in the past!

3. If you do not see the goods on the signature, if the sign was found damaged, that is, the responsibility of the customer it! If you sign after the discovery of damage, please sign within 48 hours to contact us and take a good photo Come, we will give you free of charge in the past, the accessories are free, but make up the past is the buyer to pay the freight!

4. After receipt of the goods have a problem, please contact within 48 hours to solve! To sign the date of counting, 48 hours after receipt of the goods without prejudice the default is intact. !beg to be excused!

'payment method'
1. Alipay (strongly recommended)
Alipay ( is the most advanced third-party online payment platform, founded by the Alibaba Group, is committed to providing high-quality secure payment services for network transactions.Alipay transaction services from the launch date, just three years Within the rapidly becoming extremely widely used online security

Payment instrument.

2. Bank transfer
In the case of the buyer does not have Alipay, you can choose the bank transfer, payment to the delivery. Department of good money please SMS notification, and send confirm the purchase of goods, buyers receiving address and contact telephone number.

China Construction Bank, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Agricultural Bank of China, card number, please contact customer service

Postage Description:

1: courier Jiangsu and Zhejiang area 10 yuan, the field in accordance with the actual settlement or self-mentioned payment. We will help you save the minimum shipping costs, please be assured that the company always adhere to low postage, according to courier companies paid, Lee, in some areas and the weight of postage may result in different freight, please forgive me!

2: EMS Express: ordinary courier to the place, you can choose Post Office Speedpost.

3, if your city does not have the above-mentioned freight, you can give me a message to ask whether your city can be shipped in some areas, I can arrange green shipping or railway shipment!

4, you carefully read the product description before buying, and the company in time for you to recommend the most suitable for your use of the product, so as not to cause the wrong choice of unnecessary waste.