Genuine new large diamond section 8018C bank dedicated cash registers all intelligent Detector | Touchscreen | USB upgrade

Genuine new large diamond section 8018C bank dedicated cash registers all intelligent Detector | Touchscreen | USB upgrade

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Product Name: suanpan / new large JBY D8018 (...
  • Level: C Class
  • Color Classification: Black and White
  • Brand: suanpan / Shin
  • Model: JBY D8018 (C)

Discriminating Capacity: ★★★★★

This machine is a successful professional bank counter, heavyweight products for our company, you can identify all counterfeit money, false leak Baopei

Product Type: New large JBYD 8018C

Product Name: Private Bank (CCB make production) all intelligent mixed-point type Total cash registers (can experience HD DB SA CE contour imitation counterfeit money and counterfeit quarter stitching)

Features: Mixed aggregate point total leakage false guarantee to pay compensations


Total amount / fluorescence identification / magnetic recognition / identification paper / Sorting Identification /

Canbi identification / even Zhang identification / safety line identification / re-identification Zhang / Zhang folder identification /

Denomination / accumulation function / calendar

main feature:

1) China's first touch-screen models in order to be able to wisdom, science and technology touch

2) changes in the country's first appearance, the unique changes, reproduction Diamond

3) display design, large LCD screen, timer counter, two will host and guest

4) slide-deposit box, humanized design

Treasurer recommended: This paragraph cash registers intelligent voice for the whole type counter, LCD display window, all-digital technology is compatible with a new legacy for the renminbi and the latest development of high-tech products, well-designed, beautiful appearance, full-featured operating simple, high degree of automation, intelligent financial machinery.

This applies to the cash flow of banks, hotels, enterprises and other units and individuals.
Old and new compatible yuan.
High-brightness LCD display, the shell polymer materials, and more to the fore the noble and gorgeous.
Bills caught in small bills, clearing currencies can be different denominations.
More comprehensive and reliable security. (Light Kam, Kam magnetic security thread decoding, digital, spectrum).
A range can be preset number of sheets you want to bulk inventory, especially when applied to wages.

[Technical Specifications]:

Main features: fluorescent pseudo-Kam, Kam pseudo-magnetic, digital Kam false, Canbi recognition, clip Zhang recognition, format identification, automatic counting, automatic start and stop, automatically cleared, the preset number of sheets, sub-version, cumulative, fault diagnosis .

1. with fashionable styling, elegant, reflecting the extraordinary quality.
2. The business economic model, super-wide digital information processing, intelligent financial machinery.
3. Identify the bill, sensor uses digital adaptive technology, automatic learning, testing is accurate and reliable, and powerful.
4. The high-end liquid crystal display, full perspective.
5. Unique side operating system, more convenient, more ergonomic, can effectively reduce work fatigue.
6. All imports of integrated circuits and sensor components, more stable, more reliable.

Products meet the People's Republic of China GB16999-1997 "RMB counterfeit instrument for verifying the" People's Bank of China national standards and JR / T0002-94 "cash registers" the financial industry standard, the machine uses CPU control and digital identification, fuzzy judgments and other advanced technology, A fourth set of 50 yuan, 100 yuan and fifth set of RMB can automatically distinguish various denominations, paper money is accurate, easy to operate. this series of products have passed national compulsory product certification (3C).

Technical Parameters
Counting Speed: ≥900 sheets / minute
Into the notes and contact capacity: ≥120 Zhang
Count display range: 1-999
Preset number of display range: 1-999
Counting dimensions: length 110-180mm
Width 50-80mm
Thickness 0.075-0.15mm

Way to send notes: Friction points Chang
Power Adaptation: 220V (1 ± 10%) 50HZ (1 ± 50%)
No-load operating noise: <60DB
Total power consumption: <50W
Ambient temperature: 40% -90%
Dimensions: 310 × 260 × 220 (mm)
Machine weight: 6.5kg

Maintenance and precautions
1, to avoid work under strong light sources in order to avoid counting inaccuracies and Kam false false alarms.
2, away from strong magnetic fields or strong interference may be on the grid of electrical appliances, such as pistols bricks, welding and other use.
3, the machine allows the use of AC voltage range:. 220V + -15% voltage is too high can damage the machine, the machine is too low will lead to job insecurity, run out of the machine, do not forget the power-down.
4, not to put damp place to prevent leakage by clicking.
5, regular brush with a random distribution of clearing dust inside the machine, and do not forget to turn off the power switch, unplug the power cord.
6, the machine off, re-boot the shortest interval of not less than 5 seconds, it may cause instability.
7, the machine should not be counted seriously damaged (especially soft, oil, transparent subsidies area is too large, etc.) of the bill, otherwise clogging banknote counting inaccurate, false alarms and so on.
8, after the end of daily use, the machine should be cleaned of dust, to ensure that the machine is working properly.

Production license: XK00-0010016
By China National CCC compulsory product certification
Through ISO9001, 2000 international quality system certification

From the date you purchased the product from, you can enjoy the following standard services:

1: seven days no reason returned (formerly finished goods should be kept well back and forth freight themselves.)

2: six months OZ: from the date of purchase, within six months quality replacement new machine (round-trip freight themselves, in particular on: the quality of freight within one month of each half, one month after the buyer)

3: Lifetime warranty: from the date of purchase, can enjoy free lifetime warranty service (round-trip freight themselves)

[Cargo] Acceptance
When you receive the goods, regardless of whether the packaging is damaged, be sure to personally check whether the items are in good condition and the lack of, have any questions do not sign, and immediately get in touch with us, because if items by courier the goods were damaged during transport will be in, we You can ask for compensation of goods with the courier company, so buyers be sure to tie! If you first have to sign if you sign a packaging intact, then looked goods they sign your name.

Sign after the inspection is to represent recognition that the goods arrive intact.

Transport damage approach:
1. The risk of damage in transit shall be borne by us! We package the goods to your hands is good! But only if you sign
When the cargo box inspection must first sign and then, when the spot inspection found damaged please contact us deal with!

! 2. sign means the goods have been good to get to your hands must be careful to sign up, please sign found damaged when we are fully responsible for:! Free Shipping Fees and accessories for your accessories complement the past!

3. If you glanced at the signature of the goods, if the sign after the discovery of damage, it is the customer's responsibility it! If found damaged after receipt, please sign within 48 hours to contact us at you and shoot good photos Biography come, we will give you free up the past and accessories is free, but the freight is up past postal buyer paid!

4. Upon receipt of the goods have a problem, please contact within 48 hours to solve! To the date of receipt, after 48 hours of receipt of goods has no objection to the default arrive intact. If it is over 48 hours to find the problem will not be responsible !beg to be excused!

【payment method】
1. Alipay (strongly recommended)
Alipay ( is the most advanced third-party online payment platform from the Alibaba Group founder, is committed to providing high-quality secure payment service for online trading users. Alipay transaction services from the launch date, just three years quickly became extremely widespread use within the online security

Payment instruments.

2. bank transfer
In case the buyer does not pay the treasure, you can choose bank transfer, payment and delivery. Please exchange good money SMS notification, and send a confirmation to buy goods, the buyer shipping address and contact phone number.

China Construction Bank, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Agricultural Bank of China card number information please contact customer service

Postage instructions:

1: Express Jiangsu, Zhejiang area 10 yuan, according to the field or from mentioning the actual settlement payment we will help you save shipping costs to a minimum, please rest assured that the company always adhere to the low postage, by courier Paid prevail, which in no way earned.! Lee, in some areas Shipping and excess weight can lead to different shipping, please forgive me!

2: EMS Express: ordinary express not to place, you can choose the post office EMS.

3, if your city there is no such freight, can give me a message asking if your city can be shipped in some areas of our company can arrange shipping lanes or rail shipment!

4, read carefully before buying goods description, promptly contact the company you recommend the most suitable for your use of the product, in order to avoid the wrong choice unnecessary waste.