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Thomas alloy small train medium-sized alloy style BHX25 children's toy locomotive manual implementation

Product code: -46612000030
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Product parameters:

  • Origin: Other overseas areas
  • Forward way: glide
  • Brand: Thomas & Friends / Thomas & Friends
  • Model: bhx25
  • Toy Type: Plastic Toys
  • Color classification: BHR64 Bans Stan Stanley BHR64 Connor bhx25 James bhx25 Aishia BHR64 BHX25 Bell BHX25 Henry Rossi BHR64 BHX25 Edward Thomas + Peisidel BHR64 BHR64 Tampori + car Thomas + car Ke Tuo DGB66 Fodnard BHX25 Bill BHR64 Kevin BHR64 BHX25 Ami Li BHX25 Streamlined Gordon BHX25 Di Saier fight color Connaught bhx25 BHR64 Charles Kraft Bhr64
  • Appearance: train
  • Price: 10-30 yuan
  • Whether there is a shopping guide video: no
  • Applicable age: 2 years old 3 years old 4 years old 5 years old 6 years old

Dear Thomas fans, due to the different character of the role, the small train alloy composition will be different! Another small train at the bottom of the rivet different styles of color will be different, like the bottom of the Toba rivets spray paint and paint the body color The same, this is a process, not rusty, please Thomas fans to buy Oh!