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60 package delivery nasal irrigation salt Chang Yi Xi home medical balloon nasal wash cup DB temperature

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Product parameters:

  • Origin: Hangzhou
  • Medical Devices Product Name: Nasal Irrigator
  • Brand: THE XI CHANG / Yi Xi Chang
  • Model: temperature-controlled
  • Value-added services: Free shipping SF
  • Executive Standard: YZB / Zhejiang Hangzhou 1344-2013
  • Registration No: Zhejiang Hangzhou Food and Drug Administration firearms (prospective) word 2013 No. 1660089
  • Nasal wash category: temperature-controlled
  • Manufacturer: Hangzhou point state biotechnology Ltd.
  • Diseases: rhinitis
  • Symptoms: nasal congestion, runny nose, sneezing, excessive
  • The crowd: children, adults
  • Color Classification: Package 2 [rhyme] nasal irrigator nasal wash salt packages +30 + 500ml glass temperature +4 nasal nozzle package 1 [rhyme] alone balloon containing nasal irrigator nasal nozzle temperature cup +4 support package [SF 3 ] balloon nasal irrigator nasal wash salt packages +60 + 60ml nasal spray of sea salt

  • Yi Xi Chang · nasal irrigation is registered in the State Drug Administration Department regular medical devices [Zhejiang Hangzhou Food and Drug Administration firearms (prospective) word 2013 No. 1660089, Customer may request a certificate to verify ] Dedicated to the care and cleaning of various types of rhinitis, rhinitis you are what? You what for nasal irrigator? How to correctly use nasal irrigator? There are professional doctors guide service online every day, rhinitis For more health information, we welcome click below physician customer consultation,

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