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CANON | F-789SGA Solving Equation Complex Matrices Student Functions Scientific Calculator |

CANON | F-789SGA Solving Equation Complex Matrices Student Functions Scientific Calculator |
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Product parameters:

  • Brand: Canon / Canon
  • Model: F-789SGA
  • Blue 'to send the battery + screwdriver' silver 'to send the battery + screwdriver' white 'battery + screwdriver' deep blue 'to send the battery + screwdriver'
  • Type: multi-functional solar-based science function office-type portable financial management type
  • Screen material: LED
  • The maximum screen display digits: other / other
  • Adapter battery type: button battery

APPS function calculation is more efficient Built-in preview of 79 scientific constants and 172 sets of metric units conversion Use of high-quality solar panels, battery life of up to four years Hard cover, cover and battery cover Canon recycled materials
Product Function
605 Function calculation Dual display mode function 19 can be stored and recalled Memory internal operation Accuracy of up to 18 digits Basic budget function Statistical calculation Algebraic calculation function Calculus and geometry
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Brand Introduction
Since its establishment in 1937, Canon has been striving to create a world-class product and has been actively pursuing a diversified and globalized business. Its R & D, production and sales activities are spread all over the world, and are widely used in the Americas, Europe, Oceania and Asia. And the Japanese region to establish regional headquarters, launched a diversified global business strategy.Can currently in the world of optical as the core of personal consumer products, office products and industrial products and other fields play a huge role in. Based on the concept of 'symbiotic', 1996 Year, Canon launched the 'Global Good Enterprise Group Vision', which aims to realize the goal of serving the society with technology and being trusted and respected globally, and actively pursuing the 'best overall' and 'value-for-profit' And business innovation activities, Canon today's business system.Canon Group turnover in 2010 reached 45.764 billion US dollars (this data as of December 31, 2010) due to several years of outstanding performance, Canon in 2010 was " Business Week "magazine ranked the 'best global brand' No. 33. Currently distributed around the world consolidated consolidated subsidiaries has reached 294 companies, 197,386 employees (this data as of December 31, 2010. Canon's Our goal is to become a true global enterprise with a permanent and prosperous development for one hundred years and two hundred years.We will always take care of the business and environmental protection while fostering the beneficial technology of the future society for the prosperity of the world and the happiness of mankind, Social contribution to social development and other social responsibility!