2016 summer new women's cotton Slim openwork embroidery short-sleeved T-shirt 3,280,197 Lulu | 比比圣迪奥

2016 summer new women's cotton Slim openwork embroidery short-sleeved T-shirt 3,280,197 Lulu | 比比圣迪奥

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Material Composition: 100% cotton
  • Popular elements: Asymmetric stitching embroidered openwork
  • sleeve length: short sleeve
  • Sales channels Type: pure electric provider (sold online only)
  • Item: 3280197
  • Clothing type version: Straight
  • Length: conventional models
  • Collar: Round neck
  • Sleeve type:
  • Brand: Lulu 比比圣迪奥
  • Component content: 96% and above
  • Made of: Cotton
  • Pattern: plant flowers
  • Design culture: Creative
  • Age: 25-29 years of age
  • Style: Commuter
  • Commuter: Literature
  • Year season: 2016 Summer
  • Main color: blue pear Paiwei
  • Size: S M L XL

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We are a Shanghai-white Industries Limited's brands: 'Lulu 比比圣迪奥 / LLBBI'. We are Shanghai formal enterprises, located in Shanghai Qingpu Industrial Park Not the kind of country a few people in a small workshop. We also do a lot of clothing, the annual production value is also hundreds of millions of. You can check Baidu Encyclopedia, and above all our data. We do not fake any brand, only their own brand, the State Trademark Bureau can be found in our trademark to prove. We have a professional team of buyers every month to go to the market to buy fashions, as Spain go to a big full World buy the same style, so there is a similar style of clothing and other brands, this is normal. However, we will strive to use Quality fabrics, fine workmanship, providing ultra-affordable price, Often, some fraction of the price of the big brands , While allowing you to enjoy the big brands in fashion. We sell all conscience price!!! So please parents who get our hands after the garment, according to our price objective evaluation. You give a 5 points, is an inspiration to us We will work harder to make more high-quality clothing. Thanks a million!!!

7. try Results:

[S] for [M] 105 pounds or less for about 105-115 pounds [L] for about 115-125 [XL] for about 125 pounds -140 pounds