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Special security than the new T9A double insurance version of 30 meters 6Splus mobile phone waterproof bag seaside spa distinguished exclusive

Special security than the new T9A double insurance version of 30 meters 6Splus mobile phone waterproof bag seaside spa distinguished exclusive
Product code: 46490200030
Unit price 4.72$
Sold quantity 19034
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Product parameters:

  • Product Name: The latest Apple phone waterproof cover
  • Whether the mall with the paragraph: yes
  • Color classification: blue trumpet blue large orange small orange large blue trumpet blue large khaki small Khaki Khaki large blue small white trumpet dark blue large white large pink large pink Colorful Purple Large Large Red Large Large Purple Small Small Red Small Scrub Small Trump Yellow Trumpet Shredded Large Black Trumpet Yellow Large Large Black Large
  • Brand: tteoobl / terracotta
  • Item: T-9A
  • made in China
  • Applicable gender: male and female general
  • Tag price: 198
  • Sports outdoor projects: upstream drift tourism
  • Time to market: 2016 spring

Solemn promise, ten times 10 years waterproof, good quality, real sales, we understand
Teobi security waterproof technology, quality from the professional.

Official authentic, buy to send lanyard arm belt
Most of the region 包邮 (Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan are not 包邮), now do not buy the summer when the price will rise!
Trumpet waterproof bag support 3.5-5 inch screen phone universal
Such as: Samsung millet Huawei Apple 4 / 4S 5 / 5S / 5C / iPhone6 ​​/ 6S OPPO Meizu
Large waterproof bag support 6 inch inch screen phone universal
Such as: Apple 6plus Samsung note2, note3, Note 4 Red rice Millet3
Please note that Apple 6plus please choose large Oh!

If you can not accurately determine the size of the phone can Baidu look at the parameters of the phone to do the right to judge Www.baidu.com .Choose a more suitable waterproof jacket. Tteoobl Tebler The production of mobile phone waterproof sets, high-grade practical and reliable quality products with the safety plate ultra-safe, outdoor security is the best security equipment you deserve the waterproof baby phone, in Taobao cost-effective professional-quality waterproof cover.

T-9A is a professional waterproof series of special music after many years of experience in the protection of a new optimization of security technology products, creating a double insurance waterproof system TAe, TAe Is a new waterproof system assembly, integrated, environmentally friendly, double-waterproof, double-switch, double insurance disc anti-off system, Changing the traditional easy to fall off easily and so on , Special safety design, to ensure the safety and stability of the protection of goods, after a lot of safety testing, a variety of environmental testing, and through the State Quality Supervision Bureau designated quality supervision agency certification, ease of use, the real waterproof, outdoor fun.

Because the product is special, for safety reasons, before use, please use other paper towels before loading the items into the corresponding depth `, the corresponding use of time to test the water no problem and then put your electronic products into use, otherwise The consequences of the loss of self-confidence, the use of water time should not exceed 5 hours, the marked depth of the test, because the weather is different, the temperature is different from the different buoyancy of freshwater and the marked depth of the uncertainty of data factors, The quality of the problem only to provide return service, the purchase of this product that has been viewed and accepted the company all the relevant content, including this warning!