Fuk Ching | small metal disk u 16gu | rotating disk u disk 16gU | gift ideas | delivery chain

Fuk Ching | small metal disk u 16gu | rotating disk u disk 16gU | gift ideas | delivery chain

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: Fu Ching
  • Model: Small U (16G)
  • Flash memory capacity: 16GB
  • Color Classification: Green grass silver rose red purple red sky blue black

16G U disk / lovers U disk rotating metal shell shopkeeper commitment: received the goods, not satisfied or return!]

1 year replacement (artificial damage within 1 year renewal) Sale worry! Allows you to buy rest assured that with the peace of mind!! Good quality there would be no strong commitment!!

This U disk advantages:

Compact design
Free to hang on the phone, key ring, purse, backpack taken garnish
Can rotate 360 ​​degrees, dust-proof and anti-stress, no worries cover off
Metal casing specially treated stainless steel pan, but also highlight the value of
Money is very cute and practical storage tray

Ultra-small size, and the same delicate ornaments

Buy now, you can send a small lanyards, do not miss yo

This is a personalized custom U disk, using a sufficient amount of the original chip, adequate, not inferior expansion disk, please do not bargain, the price is already very low, this U disk sold so much, there has not been any quality problems pro please rest assured purchase.

If you suspect software testing is too much trouble, to tell you now a simple resolution expansion disk method is to U disk memory and U disk almost as large files on the U disk file and then open, to open prove U disk is not upgraded drive, open is garbled, indicating that U disk problems!

Renewed commitment: This U disk within a year no reason to question the quality of replacement!

Capacity: 16G

Using original chip enough, 16GU actual disk capacity of up to 14.5G above (super good chip to achieve), lower than the actual capacity of 14.5G are considered doubtful! The U disk buyers to accept tests such as false or return!

After the U disk to expand, there will be a plug, a metal plug Oh sturdy workmanship, than traditional plastics is much better

There are a lot of cash in six colors

If you're not more than 1000, as long as you can directly photographed

Available in 7 colors, office, home, school and carry a good choice to use. Durable cap design to protect the USB connector and your data can become your business marketing tool, jointly printed as long as the U disk make your brand or a particular logo, you can easily enhance brand awareness.

Stable and reliable quality, and a 1-year renewal and free technical support services.
Features / Specifications:

? Transmission speed - read 7-16MB / sec, write 3-5MB / sec (and computer configuration)
Convenience - Durable swivel design for a variety of key ring
? Easy to use - into the USB port can be used
? Quality Assurance - year renewal
? Stylish - depending on the capacity of a variety of colors to choose from