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Small u 16gu disk metal | rotating u disk 16gU disk | gift ideas | send chain

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Product parameters:

  • Brand: Fuk Ching
  • Model: Small U (16G)
  • Flash memory capacity: 16GB
  • Color Classification: grass green silver rose purple purple red sky blue black

16G U disk / couple U disk rotating all - metal shell 'owner commitment: to receive the goods, not satisfied, Baotui!

1 year replacement (non-human damage 1 year replacement) after-sale worry! Let you buy the rest assured, with the peace of mind! Not a good quality will not have a strong commitment!

The advantages of this section U disk:

Compact and exquisite design
Can be free to hang in the phone, key ring, purse, backpack and decorate
Can be 360-degree rotation, dust and anti-stress, and no worries
Special treatment of the metal shell, stainless steel bottom shell, but also highlights the value
Is a very cute and practical storage disk

Ultra-small size, and the same exquisite ornaments

Buy now, you can send a small lanyard, do not miss yo

This is a custom personality U disk, using the original enough chips, enough, not inferior expansion disk, please do not bargain, the price is very low, this U disk sold so much, has not had any quality problems , Pro-purchase please rest assured.

If you are too cumbersome software testing, and now tell you a simple way to distinguish expansion disk is to U disk and U disk save almost the same file, and then open the U disk in the file, can open the U disk is not upgraded Disk, open is garbled, that U disk problem!

Once again committed to this section: U disk within one year of quality problems no reason Baohuan!

Product capacity: 16G

Using the original chip enough, the actual capacity of 16GU disk up to 14.5G or more (ultra-good chip to achieve), the actual capacity of less than 14.5G are worth worrying about this U disk to accept the buyer's test if fake Baotui!

U disk to start, there will be plugs, and metal plugs Oh. Work strong, much better than the traditional plastic

Six colors have a lot of cash

If you do not want more than 1000, as long as you can directly photographed

Durable, designed to protect the USB connector with your data.Can also be your business marketing tool, as long as the U disk on the joint printing of the United States and India, the United States and India, Make your brand or a specific logo easier to promote your brand.

Stable and reliable quality, and enjoy 1 year renewal and free technical support services.
Features / Specifications:

? Transmission speed - read 7-16MB / sec, write 3-5MB / sec (and computer configuration-related)
Convenient - durable rotating design for a variety of key ring
? Easy to use - plug in the USB interface can be used
Quality Assurance - one year renewal
? Stylish fashion - depending on the capacity, there are a variety of colors to choose from