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SAIWK desktop computer keyboard film | cartoon color universal keyboard cover | keyboard dust protection film

SAIWK desktop computer keyboard film | cartoon color universal keyboard cover | keyboard dust protection film
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Product parameters:

  • Brand: saiwk / 赛 威 客
  • Color Classification: Blue Bunny Rose Red Bunny Purple Bunny Green Bunny Pink Bunny Standard Desktop White Desktop Desktop Pink Key Do not shoot on this desktop General Flat Film Standard Desktop Blue Standard Desktop Transparent standard desktop black
  • Item: desktop keyboard membrane

Work Features:

1.Prevent water, milk, juice and other liquids from splashing into the keyboard

2.To avoid dust, soot, biscuit crumbs fall into the key gap

3.Easy to clean, keep bacteria away from your fingers

Product Features: Thin, transparent and good elasticity

1. The use of imported elastomer material production, environmental non-toxic;

2.Thin, the thickness of only 0.3MM , Very transparent;

3.Soft, good elasticity, shape and keyboard match;

Use the main points:

1. Place the keyboard protective film on the keyboard in the shape of the keyboard.

2. If the keyboard membrane with dirty, add a small amount of detergent in water, gently scrub the keyboard protective film, and then dry with paper towels.

Sold at the first reference to the following description, compared to the size of your keyboard can be purchased Oh, for about 44.5 cm length of the keyboard, key bits on the desktop, please do not take a general flat film, no grid!

Before buying anyway, please take a minute to carefully check the red box part of the key, if the keys are not the same, please do not buy, not to be inappropriate as a reason for a refund, inappropriate to send a friend was a good personal feeling, not to something poor , Does not meet the reasons for your keyboard to the negative feedback, our price is really hurt can not afford to hope that pro sympathy, and then a long-winded or want to measure the accuracy of the pro again, do not blindly shot, thank you.

A bumpy keyboard film for most desktop keyboards

(If your keyboard is a mini-keyboard or portable, please note the amount of the figure oh)

When using the computer, drink water or drink what is a very common thing.But accidentally pour the water into the keyboard, in trouble .Right to damage the keyboard, even when the motherboard is also burned .Investigation shows that the laptop into the Water is the highest incidence of failure.

In addition, the dust ah, food broken foam is also the most like drilling into the keyboard seam inside, if it is smokers, then sometimes the keyboard is like an ashtray the same.To clean the keyboard, but not easy.

Most studies have shown that the number of bacteria on the computer keyboard is far more than the normal health standards.We often eat, while using the computer, very unhygienic.If we often put the bacteria in the keyboard, Keyboard protective film wash, you can less exposure to bacteria.

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