Notebook keyboard membrane. Notebook keyboard membrane

Notebook keyboard membrane. Notebook keyboard membrane

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: Meng material
  • Semi-transparent through (shoot when the message model and the keyboard number), the use of a variety of models, (When shooting the message model and keyboard number) Purple (shoot when the message model and the keyboard number) Red (when the message type and keyboard number) Shoot when the message model and keyboard number) transparent (shoot when the message model and keyboard number)
  • Item No

Special plane, photographed the message pro computer model, the rest of the things to the keyboard membrane customer service experts.

  • 4535G, 4536, 3810T, 4736Z, 4810T, 5810,

  • 4740G, 4741G, 4745G, 4540G, 5940G, 3810T, 5935G,

  • 4743G, 4738ZG, 4750G, 4736G, 4820TG, 4753,

  • 4738G, 4739Z, 4752G, 4625G, 4250, 4253, 4560G

  • 4352G, 4350G, 5942G, 3820TG, 3410, 3935, 3750G

  • TravelMate 8481TG, 4733Z, 4749G, 4551G, 4552G,

  • 4553G, eMachines D640, D642, D728, D730, D732Z,

You will fall in love Meng things bump printing keyboard membrane Of the reasons

Different colors, different mood

Like the treasurer will occasionally change the layout of the same home

Life can not be static

Need a little bit change , a little bit Surprise

The whole network Sales of the first one , The whole network keyboard membrane Evaluation of the best

Use better than non-slip mat silicone material, do not fall off, do not move

Not just Better feel, Not just dust and water protection

Meng of the keyboard membrane all the efforts

Just to get your life to have a new one Colour And new Start.

Figure, photographed, please be sure to leave their own computer models

A variety of colors are available. Click on the color category for details

Membrane keyboard membrane, the keyboard on the basis of silica gel, more optimized

Materials, details, fit and feel when used.

Keyboard membrane should not only pay attention to fit but also pay attention to the fit with the notebook

According to the different notebook keyboard edge making different makes the keyboard membrane more

Plus the fit

Thickness of only 0.1mm, using the top thermoplastic material, super good Smooth feel, Breathable waterproof, durable non-toxic.

Surface simulation printing even if you do not need to worry about him for a long time

Fade pale.

The brand laptop keyboard membrane concave word lattice to the bottom of the complete package button

100% fit.