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Unidirectional Digital Clamp Meter Digital Multimeter Ammeter AC DC Voltage Temperature UT204A

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Product parameters:

  • Brand: UNI-T / You Lide
  • Model: UT200A
  • Item No .: UT200A
  • UT200A standard manual with a range of 200A UT200B standard manual range 400A UT200C standard automatic range 600A UT200D standard with automatic range 600A with temperature UT201 standard automatic range 400A UT202 standard automatic range 400A with temperature UT202A standard automatic range 600A UT203 Standard AC and DC current True RMS UT204 standard AC and DC current UT204A standard AC and DC current package 1 plus 2 yuan to spare battery package 2 plus 6 yuan to send UT30 spare table line package 3 plus 9 yuan to send UT50 spare table line package 4 Plus 18 yuan to send spare set package 5 plus 25 yuan to send spare set + UT50 battery table
  • Decoration and construction content: hydropower projects