9-Bluetooth MP3 crystal magic ball led stage lighting KTV bar Colorful lights flash laser lights Laser Light

9-Bluetooth MP3 crystal magic ball led stage lighting KTV bar Colorful lights flash laser lights Laser Light

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: AOPRE
  • Item No: DF-901
  • Color Category: 9 color 9 colors MP3 MP3 standard models upgrade 8 m power cable 9 Color 9 colors Bluetooth Bluetooth standard models upgrade 8 m power cable Bluetooth models have been sold out


1. Connect the AC 100V-240V

2. After the LED light will automatically turn power on and press the default program for self-propelled;

3. Insert U disk / TF card or connect a Bluetooth mobile phone, this time inside the memory will automatically play music or music phone, the default volume is moderate, by the host control panel or the remote control volume, on the one, the next song also press the mODE key converter USB / TF card or Bluetooth mode;

4. Bluetooth connection: After crystal magic ball lamp is energized, and then search for Bluetooth phone settings will be displayed on your phone: ZTV-10E (Bluetooth model) Click on the link, when the crystal ball magic lamp panel lights (flashing) will sound (BUZZ ), indicating a successful connection, you can play the phone's songs.

Function parameter:

[Name]: Bluetooth music crystal ball magic lamp [Model]: DF-901 (enhanced audio quality)

[Voltage]: AC100-240V [Frequency]: 60-60HZ

[Power]: Machine Total power consumption 10-25W power [audio]: the left channel right channel 3W + 3W = 6W stereo

[Source]: The full power lamp beads (imported high brightness long life lamp beads)

[Shell material]: ABS + PS high transmittance thick shade fuel resistance thickened pan

[] Light color: red / green / blue / white / yellow / purple / blue / orange / [Rose] Viewing angle: 120 degrees

[Beam]: 80 lenses, each lens can be a 3-6 beam can reach 240-480 beam

[Mode]: ⑴ Sound mode: Colors may vary according to the rhythm of the sound;

⑵ self-propelled mode: In the absence of sound, auto random change color;

⑶ open / off mode;

⑷ Strobe mode: Suitable for DJ musical rhythm;

[Function]: Bluetooth / TF card and U-disk, can play MP3 format music, light color changes with the music

[Accessories]: Host + Remote Control + box

LED crystal magic ball light music mainly suitable for family party, KTV box, DISCO, dance halls, nightclubs, discos, bars, shopping malls, weddings, karaoke OK, squares, parks, etc. can create a beautiful and vibrant visuals and atmosphere, but also you can Showroom, shop door, inside the shop to attract the attention of customers, to attract crowds and increase business opportunities at the same time can also be placed in the bedroom, living room, for wedding celebrations, birthday party, friends gathering to add a color to your life, for you increase romantic love, for your friendship to pass a friendship!

After switching LED crystal magic ball lamp power supply, plug in the U disk, music, magic crystal ball will automatically play the songs, and the light is projected as the rhythm of the music beautiful colorful effect, can automatically change rotation, can voice with the music rhythm change color, can produce good stage atmosphere.

This product is easy to install, easy to operate, long life, good projection effects, small power consumption, noise-free lamp advantages, but good quality and low price, cost-effective and widespread user favorite!