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9 color Bluetooth MP3 crystal magic ball led stage lighting KTV flash laser light bar colorful lights laser light

9 color Bluetooth MP3 crystal magic ball led stage lighting KTV flash laser light bar colorful lights laser light
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Product parameters:

  • Brand: AOPRE
  • Product number: DF-901
  • 9 color MP3 models '' standard 1.2 m power cord '' 9 color MP3 models '' lengthened 8 m power cord '' 9 color Bluetooth models '' standard 1.2 m power cord '' 9 color Bluetooth models '' lengthened 8 meters power cord '


1. Connect the AC power supply from 100V to 240V

2. Power LED lights will automatically turn on and follow the default program;

3. Insert the U disk / TF card or connect the phone Bluetooth, this time will automatically play the music inside the memory or mobile music, the default volume is medium, through the host panel or remote control volume, the first song, the next song , Can also press the MODE key to convert USB / TF card or Bluetooth mode;

4. Bluetooth connection method: crystal magic ball lamp power, and then use the phone to search for Bluetooth settings, the phone will display: ZTV-10E (Bluetooth model) Click on the connection, when the crystal magic ball lights panel indicator (flashing) will sound ), Said the connection is successful, you can play the phone in the song.

Function parameter:

'Name': Bluetooth music crystal magic ball lights 'Model': DF-901 (sound quality enhanced version)

'Voltage': AC100-240V 'Frequency': 60-60HZ

'Power': total power consumption of the whole machine 10-25W 'audio power': left channel 3W + right channel 3W = stereo 6W

'Light': the use of full power lamp beads (imported high-brightness long-life lamp beads)

'Shell material': ABS high light transmission thicker shade + PS fuel thickening bottom shell

'Luminous color': red / green / blue / white / yellow / violet / green / orange / rose 'light angle': 120 degrees

'Beam': 80 lenses, each lens can be out of 3-6 beam light can reach 240-480 beam

'Mode': ⑴ voice mode: according to the rhythm of the sound changes color;

⑵ self-propelled mode: in the absence of sound, automatically transform the color;

⑶ on / off light mode;

⑷ burst flash mode: for DJ music rhythm;

'Function': support Bluetooth / TF card and U disk, can play MP3 format music, light color changes with the music

'Accessories': host + remote + box

LED music crystal magic ball light is mainly suitable for family party, KTV box, DISCO hall, dance halls, nightclubs, discos, bars, shopping malls, weddings, karaoke OK, squares, parks and so on to create beautiful and lively visual effects and atmosphere. But also can be placed in the bedroom, living room, for the wedding celebration, birthday party, friends gathering for your life Tim a color, for you, you can add a color to your life, you can shop, window, shop door, Love to increase romance, for your friendship to send a friendship!

Turn on the LED crystal magic ball lamp power, plug in the U disk, music crystal magic ball will automatically play songs, and the light with the rhythm of the music cast a colorful and magnificent effect, can automatically rotate changes, with the music Of the rhythm change color, can create a good atmosphere of the stage.

This product is easy to install, easy to operate, long life, good projection effect, power consumption of small power, noise-free advantages of light, while good quality, low price, cost-effective, loved by the majority of users!