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COOBOWE red rice note3 | mobile phone shell | protective cover red rice NOTE3 light and soft silicone transparent back cover

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Product parameters:

  • Protective cover texture: tpu
  • Style: protective shell
  • Color Category: sunset vision + anti-blue steel film Tianshan snow sunset vision Bihai spray Tianshan snow + anti-blue steel film Bihai spray + anti-blue steel film Twilight reed seagull + anti-blue tempered film Romantic Paris + anti-blue steel film all the way west + Anti-blue tempered glass Seagull garden pastoral scenery + anti-blue steel film twilight reed + anti-blue steel film all the way to the West Romantic Paris sea of ​​clouds + anti-blue steel film twilight story + anti-blue steel film sea of ​​clouds through the evening story White + anti-blue light steel film
  • Style: Simple
  • For mobile phone models: MIUI / millet
  • Model: red rice note3
  • Brand: COOBOWE
  • Model: red rice note3