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Efficient manual notepad Korea 2016 schedule this program at this business notebook diary book stationery business

Product code: -46301500030
Unit price 5.58-5.87$
Sold quantity 7767
Available stock 686
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Product parameters:

  • Product Name: Geeyear / Kam a stationery GY-10 ...
  • Packing: The loaded single
  • Brand: Geeyear / Kam a stationery
  • Model: GY-1043
  • Color Classification: Pink Begonia (TIME) sun yellow (TIME) light orange (TIME) brown clouds (all year) ash clouds (all year) brown clouds (TIME) ash clouds (TIME) clouds Blue (all year) clouds Blue (TIME )
  • Format: A5
  • Notepad classification: Universal Notebook
  • Cover Hardness: hard surface copy
  • Binding ways: thread-bound binding
  • Cover Material: Leather
  • Style: Business

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