Lenovo M490 B490 Z475 Y410P V480 G475 B470 G410 notebook keyboard protective film

Lenovo M490 B490 Z475 Y410P V480 G475 B470 G410 notebook keyboard protective film

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: books posted
  • Color Category: seven color of the iris purple translucent pink translucent white translucent multicolored black multicolored translucent blue translucent blue translucent green translucent violet, translucent black translucent red rose pink purple blue transparent semi-permeable membrane irregularities Black Rose red
  • Item: Lenovo 021-3

Note: Lenovo M490S B490S not this film, and to associate M490S B490S pro please find links to customer service

Different colors, different mood

Like the treasurer will occasionally change the layout of the same household

Life is not static

You need a little change , a little bit Pleasantly surprised

Use non-slip mats better than silicone material, not falling, do not move

Just Feel better, Not just protection against dust and water

All efforts Rumi Pass digital shops

Just to let you live, a new Colour And the new Start.

  • Z460, Z465, Z360, Z370, Y470, V470, G470, G475,
  • Z470, Y471, V370, B470, Z475, G360, Y480, G480, V480,
  • Z380, Z370, Y485, Z485, Z480, B480, M490, M495,
  • Y400 (2012 Nian Yue. 11), B4309, B490, y410p, G410 models.
  • Please check the following keyboard diagram

Each color is a kind of new beginning

thin! Covered Keyboard Cover After that, the pro can before cleaning has been placed on the books.

Thickness of only 0.1mm, the use of a thermoplastic material, Smooth feel, Both breathable and waterproof, durable, non-toxic

Touch: Selection of high-quality silicone, not dry, but no sticky feeling, Do not worry about the keys feel the impact.

Dustproof and waterproof: Even if accidentally drop on the water, soup, the usual dust and husk more, the keyboard keys will be as white as new.

Prevent keys fault!

adaptation: professional Notebook foil Specialty stores, special Keyboard Cover . Uneven grid, adaptation.

color: Pure colors descent, the keyboard membrane more coordination and your laptop!

About optional keyboard membrane several common issues Q & A

Q: My laptop keyboard membrane color can do this?

A:. Our free shipping are bump key membrane keyboard bits each brand of computer will be many models, some models can be common, but different types of keys layout will vary, so before you buy to tell us' which brand, Which model'

Q: color printing keyboard membrane and my computer exactly the same?

A: Because the plant in the production of printing uses a printing template, the keys of the same models share a mold, but these models may in some small difference on the character, so the keyboard membrane printing where there may be individual differences.

Q: What color is optional keyboard membrane suitable?

A: Recommended with your own laptop or keyboard with similar colors, black, white, blue, green, purple, pink, rosy red very hot

Q: keyboard membrane can be washed right, keyboard membrane life long?

A: mainly silicone keyboard membrane composition, can be washed, rinse with water, add a touch of home cleaning solution, under the rub, then rinse with water and dry on the new keyboard, like a film, the life of more than one year but long-term use, easy to breed bacteria, it is recommended replaced every six months or so. Suggest a few more prepared, the color can also be Xpress

Q: Laptop keyboard membrane will affect the heat it?

A: have a very small impact, but focused on the temperature of the notebook side vents hard drives and graphics cards three parts, mainly by internal notebook CPU cooling fan, cooling want the most effective way is ventilation and air-conditioning radiator