Mr. Cotton summer men's short-sleeved t-shirt men | Male cotton white solid color T-shirt | short-sleeve round neck compassionate | M

Mr. Cotton summer men's short-sleeved t-shirt men | Male cotton white solid color T-shirt | short-sleeve round neck compassionate | M

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Listing Year season: 2016 Summer
  • Thickness: General
  • Material Composition: 100% cotton
  • sleeve length: short sleeve
  • Item: 272 801 001
  • Sales channels Type: pure electric provider (sold online only)
  • Collar: Round neck
  • Color: bleached Heather Grey black rust red deep blue gray watermelon red seashells
  • Size: M S M M M M L M XL XXL M XXXL
  • Style details: hit color
  • Brand: Mr. Cotton
  • Sleeve type:
  • Flower pattern: Pure
  • Version: Standard
  • Material: Cotton
  • Cotton content: 95%
  • Season: Summer
  • Application scenarios: Other leisure
  • Suitable for: Teenagers
  • Basic style: popular youth
  • Subdivision style: Japanese Retro

Compared to the ladies colored skirts, dresses, shorts and other fancy dress,

Men's clothing is undoubtedly tedious, but someone said 'man is the T-shirt ZUI look good with jeans'

Old cotton agrees, based on a T-shirt can bring out the men's charm, but also every man's wardrobe wild single product.

Sportsman never stacked by various trends, but simply refreshing self-confidence, in which there is a basis for T contributed position.

Alishan consistently high quality brand yarn

Since it is close to wear, so comfort is of the old cotton issue to be considered a first yi.

Pure combed cotton in the spinning process increases the delicate process of combing comb to shorter fibers, cotton and eliminate impurities,

Smoother yarn, cotton quality is more stable, easy pilling dyed effect is more smooth and natural.

Fabric material from Taiwan and Taiwan's Far Eastern Group Alishan brand yarn, as the world's three top ten textile enterprises,

Da is one of many brands of fixed cotton suppliers, mainly imported cotton and US cotton Australian cotton,

Cotton top quality, good toughness, good viscosity and strength of the stem can be guaranteed, three wire control strictly symmetrical distribution.

Basic version has a loose type

On page 95 and selling cotton T-shirt, like ammonia, the version loose and comfortable, just a slight adjustment to the overall dimensions,

Wearing no more sense of restraint, not loose loose collapse, fitted design, casual and comfortable.

Improved binding opinions buyers and designers, shoulder oblique and armhole out minor adjustments to make it wear more docile.

After the water wash clothing P, T shirt easy to avoid the common problem of shrink fade, Naixinaichuan.

Fifteen color space colorful wild

On the basis of paragraph 95 on the cotton ammonia added to the deep blue ink, tortoiseshell red, army green three partial literary colors,

For the coming spring and summer color drama kicked off, with a more diversified,

When you first get the clothes when he is convinced that this is the home of the old cotton conscience of a single product, into the store will buy money.

ps: cotton fabric dark lines, it is inevitable that a slight fade is a normal phenomenon,

Together with light-colored clothing and avoid prolonged immersion, please kept informed.

size bust Length Shoulder Sleeve Length
S 96 65 41.5 16.5
M 100 67 43 17
L 104 69 44.5 17.5
XL 108 71 46 18
XXL 112 73 47.5 18.5
XXXL 116 75 49 19

Try Model Height (cm) Weight (kg) Body type Shoulder / Bust / Waist Try size Fitting feel Final election code

(Branch) 170 55 Slim 40/82/73 M A little loose M

(rather) 172 60 normal 43/89/75 M fit M

(Wei) 175 72 normal 44/92/92 L Relaxed fit M L L

(in) 178 73 normal 45/96/90 L fit L

(嶸) 180 80 Overweight 46/97/91 XL fit XL

(non) 180 90 fat 46/109/101 XXL fit XXL

(Strong) 180 105 fat 51/114/111 XXXL fit XXXL

[Size Table] Recommended

Specially prepared for the hardship Sizes, called the history of the second most humane, considering the huge difference everyone dressing habits,

The same size because of the choice of clothing is not the same preferences need to combine their own subjective and objective habits and clothing sizes do double reference