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Cotton short-cut t-shirt male | pure white solid white T-shirt | round neck pirate | male

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Product parameters:

  • Year of the year: 2016 Summer
  • Thickness: conventional
  • Material composition: cotton 100%
  • sleeve length: short sleeve
  • Item No .: 272801001
  • Sales channel type: pure electricity business (only online sales)
  • Collar type: round neck collar
  • Color: Seashell Gray Iron Rust Red Black Deep Sea Blue Bleached Watermelon Red Horse Gray Forest Green Goose Yellow Tortoise Red Blue
  • Size: 165 / S 170 / M 175 / L 180 / XL 185 / XXL 190 / XXXL
  • Style details: hit color
  • Brand: Mr. cotton
  • Sleeve: conventional
  • Pattern: solid color
  • Version: standard
  • Material: Cotton
  • Cotton content: 95% or more
  • Applicable season: summer
  • Applicable scenes: other leisure
  • Applicants: young people
  • Basic style: youth pop
  • Break down style: Japanese retro

Compared to the ladies of the colored skirt, dress, hot pants and other fancy wear,

Men's clothing is undoubtedly tedious, but some people say that 'men look like T shirt with jeans'

Old cotton agreed that a basic T-shirt can stimulate the charm of men, but also every men's wardrobe wild single product.

Men never rely on a variety of tide of the stack, but a simple fresh self-confidence, a foundation T in which the merits of the status.

Alishan brand yarn has always been high quality

Since it is close to wear, then the comfort is naturally the old cotton yi to consider the issue.

Pure combed cotton, in the spinning process to increase the fine combing process, comb to the shorter fiber, and remove the impurities in cotton,

Yarn is more smooth, cotton quality is more stable, not easy to hair ball, dyeing effect is more smooth and natural.

Fabric material from the island of Taiwan far spinning group of Alishan licensing yarn, as the world's top 30 textile enterprises,

Is a large number of da brand of fixed cotton yarn suppliers, cotton mainly use advanced cotton and Australian cotton,

Cotton yarn quality upper layer, good viscosity and toughness, strong can be guaranteed, three wire control strict, symmetrical distribution.

Basic version of the loose type

And the page on the hot 95 cotton and ammonia T-shirt, like version of loose and comfortable, but the overall dimension of a slight adjustment,

Wearing more no sense of restraint, loose but not loose, fit the design, free and comfortable.

Combined with the views of buyers and designers of the improvement, the shoulder oblique and sleeve cuff a little adjustment, so wear it more docile.

Clothing through the water general wash, to avoid the ordinary T shirt faded easily fade, washable and durable.

Fifteen color space colorful wild

In the 95 cotton ammonia on the basis of adding a dark ink blue, tortoiseshell red, Army Green three partial art color,

For next year's spring and summer color drama started, with more diversified,

When the first time to get clothes when convinced that this is the conscience of the old cotton single product, into the store will buy money.

Ps: dark cotton fabric, it is inevitable that a slight fade, is a normal phenomenon,

Avoid light-colored clothing with a long soak, please know.

Try on the model Height (cm) Weight (kg) Body type Shoulder width / bust / waist circumference Try on size Try to feel The final selection code

(Department) 170 55 Thin 40/82/73 M Slightly loose M

(rather) 172 60 normal 43/89/75 M fit M

(Wei) 175 72 normal 44/92/92 L M fit L loose L

(in) 178 73 normal 45/96/90 L fit L

(Rong) 180 80 Partial fat 46/97/91 XL fit XL

(non) 180 90 fat 46/109/101 XXL fit XXL

(Strong) 180 105 fat 51/114/111 XXXL fit XXXL

'Size recommended table'

Designed for the size of the difficult households to prepare, called the history of the second most humane, taking into account the great differences in the habit of dressing everyone,

The same body type because of dress preferences and choose not the same need to combine their own subjective habits and the objective size of the clothes do double reference