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Badminton racket genuine genuine carbon single-shot support ultra-light 4u5u provincial team training to shoot beginner ymqp male and female

Badminton racket genuine genuine carbon single-shot support ultra-light 4u5u provincial team training to shoot beginner ymqp male and female
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Sold quantity 103332
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Product parameters:

  • Time to market: Fall 2015
  • Brand: Granville move
  • Series: training shoot
  • Model: 4U
  • Color classification: 4U (frosted gold) + gold line 4U (frosted black) + black line 4U (frosted white) + white line 4U (frosted blue) + blue line 4U (frosted red) + red line 4U ( Frost line 5U 'Huan Yu white' + white line 5U 'cool black' + black line 5U 'wizard blue' + blue line 5U 'soil Hao gold' + yellow line 5U 'Chinese red' + red line 5U 'ladies Powder + powder line 4U (frosted purple) + purple line 5U 'noble purple' + purple line 4U (frosted yellow) + yellow line warm Tip: all carbon are a sales, need two fill the number of 2! (This do not shoot)
  • Item: Training shoot
  • Badminton play Category: ball control (both defensive)
  • Bar hardness: moderate
  • Origin: Fujian Province
  • Grip thickness: G4
  • Material: Carbon fiber
  • Weight: 80g (inclusive) -84g (inclusive) 75g (inclusive) -79g (inclusive)
  • Applicable to: amateur junior high school (300-600 yuan)

4 ∪ badminton racket ultra-light 82g 49 yuan / support,5 ∪ badminton racket super light 77g 69 yuan / support and 包邮, One-time purchase 2 and then send a tube 3 loaded with badminton!

There are 2 colors on the page, each with 7 colors and 14 colors.

The first paragraph 4u-82 grams of matte solid color training beat both offensive and defensive for junior high school students 49 yuan / support

The second paragraph 5u-77 grams. Stereo blade cutting box N80 and N90 three generations of film box 69 yuan / support

Warm Tip: racket pound pounds 22-24 standard pounds, all carbon shot to buy when they are empty shot, send the line, keel hand glue are loaded on the racket, and no extra gift, single do not send the ball , One-time buy two racket before sending Oh!

Tips: hand color is the staff of the distribution, do not accept the designated Oh! Pro please understand ~

The first paragraph: 4U high quality frost training shoot -49 yuan (on line 22 pounds) both offensive and defensive

Q: How is the difference between 4U and 5U?

4u with genuine all-carbon material weaving, not only can produce ultra-light racket, compared with the ordinary racquet, not only more slender, more tough, more stable, and easy 5u with genuine 46T carbon yarn, the racket weight down to 77 grams, ultra-light feel, flexible, like the hands of the sword, arbitrary as you want, and you can get more speed and greater power. The

Section 2: 5U cracked blade training shoot -69 yuan (on line 24 pounds) offensive type

Using a 3D frame design, this box-type cutting sense, with a new 3D spray technology, the frame on the pattern with a three-dimensional feeling, delicate and beautiful. This arrow-style pattern of rapid waving There will be a special blur effect. This new frame design reduced by 15% of the wind resistance. Head at the wind resistance is very small, in the buckle when the frame will be due to different wind resistance, the head slightly bent forward, More powerful and powerful. At the same time the box material to make the rebound time reduced by 5%

Racket parameters:
Weight: 77g + -2 (5U)
Length: 675mm
Balance point: 295 + -3mm
Racket material: genuine all carbon
Pounds: 28-30LBS

Now on the market ! All the carbon is also a better kind of racket material, and it is a kind of racket material. It is a kind of racket material, Light weight, good toughness, high hardness, and the middle of the racket can withstand greater bending.Do not take 35 yuan a or two loaded entertainment racket compared to not a grade. .