Badminton racket genuine full carbon ultralight single shot support 4u5u provincial team training men and women with a shot beginner ymqp

Badminton racket genuine full carbon ultralight single shot support 4u5u provincial team training men and women with a shot beginner ymqp

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Time to market: 2015 Fall
  • Brand: wei move
  • Series: Training racket
  • Model: 4U
  • Color Classification: 4U (frosted gold) + gold 4U (frosted black) + black line 4U (frosted white) + white line 4U (frosted blue) + Blue Line 4U (frosted red) + red 4U ( frosted pink) + pink line 5U-hwan [Yu] + white white line 5U [+] cool black black 5U [+] blue wizard blue line 5U +] [Tyrant gold yellow line 5U [Chinese] red [5U + red lady +] powder pink line 4U (frosted purple) purple line 5U + [] + noble purple purple line 4U (frosted yellow) yellow line +
  • Item: Training racket
  • Play badminton Category: ball-type (defense both)
  • Sign pole hardness: moderate
  • Origin: Fujian
  • Grip thickness: G4
  • Material: carbon fiber
  • Weight: 80g (including) -84g (including) 75g (including) -79g (inclusive)
  • Suitable for: amateur junior high school level (300-600 dollars)

Specials loss impulse sales!

this The event ends at the end of the price, shop custom color 9, $ 120 and a 170. Now At a loss: 4∪ of 54 yuan / support,The 5∪ 74 yuan / piece and free shipping, Sending a one-time purchase of two cylinder 3 mounted resistance to play badminton! Grab is earned. Miss no more, Lynx Mall seller reputation protection, quality assurance! Pro what are you waiting? Machine can not be lost, not to lose. Buy is to make. Loss big promotion!

Notice: will resume 99 yuan ......

Notice: will resume 99 yuan ......

A total of 2 each seven colors, 14 color on the page.

The first 4u-82 Ke frosted solid offensive and defensive shooting training for junior scholars 54 yuan / support

Paragraph 5u-77 grams perspective fengren cutting block N80 and N90 Three Generations racket 74 yuan / support

Tips: standard racket Pull pounds 22-24 pounds when full carbon Auction empty shot, sending the line, hand gel keel is attached to the racket, no additional gift, do not send single ball , one-time buy two racket only send oh
The first paragraph: 4U high-quality training frosted shot -54 million (on line 22 lbs) both offensive and defensive

Q: how to distinguish between different now between 4U 5U?

A! (4U no pattern, 5U hyun has broken blade pattern) 4u using genuine full carbon weave, not only can produce ultra-light racquet, compared with ordinary rackets, not only slimmer, stronger and more stable, and easy use of more easily be able to get more speed and more power. 5u using genuine 46T carbon yarn, the weight of the racket down to 77 grams, lightweight feel, flexible, like the hands of the sword, arbitrary .

Paragraph 2: Training 5U edge of breaking wind racket -74 million (on line 24 lbs) Offensive

Beat box uses 3D design, this frame cut the full sense, but with a new 3D coating technology, the pattern on the beat box with a little three-dimensional feel, delicate and beautiful. This Arrows pattern theory when rapid waving there will be a special afterimage effect. this new box design reduces drag by 15 percent. racket head at minimal wind resistance, when in dunks racket will vary depending on wind resistance, head slightly bent forward, so smash more rapid and powerful at the same time make rebound racket material time by 5%

Racket parameters:
Weight: 77g + -2 (5U)
Length: 675mm
Balance: 295 + -3mm
Racket Material: Genuine Full Carbon
Pounds: 28-30LBS

Now the market ! Beat mixed, aluminum carbon, carbon composites, and other materials of different filled the whole Taobao, let your true difficile. Please buy the full carbon look, oh, the whole carbon is now a better racket material, quality of light. good toughness and high hardness, and the racket of the rod can withstand greater bending.Do not take a 35 ten yuan or two filled with entertainment racket compared to not a grade. .