Meanwell Slim Power LRS-200-12 200W 12V17A thin low no-load loss Meanwell Power

Meanwell Slim Power LRS-200-12 200W 12V17A thin low no-load loss Meanwell Power

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: MW/Ming Wei
  • Model: LRS-200-12
  • Modulation mode: pulse width modulation
  • Connection: full-bridge
  • Features: power transformer

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Product description

MV in the industrial field with roots in power for many years, casing-AC/DC power supply (such as the G3 family, family of NE, SE family) is well in order to market. Industry body towards miniaturization of the next-generation system, and why the system in response to energy conservation and environmental protection issues in the standby power consumption is also required; Ming latitude new launched of single output 200W, 350W machine shell type AC/DC power supply device ~ LRS-200, LRS-350 series, are can ideal to meet these needs: this two series of fuselage height only 30mm, makes system design who can very has elastic to using body within limited of space, and with is less than 0.75W of standby consumption w number, makes system end can easily to meet various application Yu low energy aspects of needs.

Why 90~132VAC or 180~264VAC LRS-200 and LRS-350 series input switch, and can withstand sudden 300VAC input for 5 seconds. LRS-200-production fan-free design and the use of natural air cooling, LRS-350 built in fan forced cooling, with a productivity of up to 90%, the two series has a wide operating temperature range -30~+70 ℃. Also, LRS-200 and the LRS-350, can bear 5G vibration, has power Kai moving LED led, through UL60950-1 Ann rules certification, has full of protection function design (short-circuit protection, had load protection, had voltage protection, had temperature protection), and Yu design Shi that planning height automation of business drive and the on cost for strictly of control tube, this two series launched Hou will will into why market in the 200W/350W machine shell type power of best select. Suitable applications include industrial automation equipment, industrial control systems, mechanical and electrical equipment, electronic equipment, and so on.

Main features
AC input voltage switch 110V/220V
Can withstand sudden 300VAC input for 5 seconds
Thin skin (30mm)
With short circuit protection/overload/over voltage protection/Overheat protection
International certification: UL
Shanghai Le Zi technology development limited production
5G vibration
Natural ventilation and cooling
Working temperature up to 70 degrees
No-load loss ﹤ 0.75 watts
LED indicates working state
100% full of aging test
Using lead-free process, environmentally-friendly RoHS requirements
Taiwan Ming Wei brand, Suzhou factory
3-year warranty
Main parameter
DC output range 12V,0~ 17A
Output voltage accuracy ±1.5%
Ripple 150mV
Efficiency 87.5%
Input voltage range 90~ 132VAC/180~ to 264VAC (switch)
Input surge current Cold initiate, 230V Order 60A
Voltage adjustment range 10.2~ 13.8V
Initiate rise time 230VAC with full load 1300ms,50ms,16ms/115VAC full 1300ms,50ms,12ms
Leakage current ﹤2mA / 240VAC
Overload protection Over current point in 110%~ 140%, automatic detection and automatic reset
Over voltage protection 13.8~ 16.2V turn off the output voltage, and promote recovery
Overheat protection Protection type: over temperature shutdown, automatic recovery after temperature drop
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Insulation characteristics Between the input and output: 3KVAC, input and shell: 2KVAC, the output terminal and the shell: 0.5KVAC 1 minute
Working temperature -25~ + 70 ℃ (see output drop curve)
Shock resistant 10~ 500Hz,5G 10 minutes/period, XYZ axis of 60 minutes each
Certification Certified by UL60950-1
Mean time between failure More than 347,500 hours MIL-HDBK-217F (25 ℃)
Connection mode 9P/9.5mm cover Terminal
Chassis number 207
Overall dimensions 215x115x30mm (length x width x height)
Weight and packaging 0.66 kg/; 15/10.9 kg 0.022, for each cubic meter

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Installation guidelines

Shell switching power supply

Shell type power supplies include metal and plastic models, internal PCB Board was wrapped with shell, is usually installed in the system cabinet. Ming Wei power according to the power supply power rating and a design idea why two different types: a built-in cooling fan and the other is without a fan.


1. Before installation or maintenance operation, disconnect the power connection to the application system, ensure you do not reconnect automatically without notice!
2. Use mounting screws with internal components keep a sufficient safety distance from power. Please refer to the sample book shell using the most suitable mounting screws. "buying power supply Le Zi Ming Wei" and have questions, please call 400 600 0430.
3. Non-standard installation direction or work in a high ambient temperature temperature of the power supply will cause the power supply to the internal components, load shedding use. as requested by the optimal installation specifications installation and temperature-load curve to determine the best workloads for power.
4. The fan and vents are not blocked, if there are other sources of heat, you should at least keep a distance of 10-15cm
5. Following who recommendations wiring wire specifications
AWG 18 16 14 12 10 8
Rated current (a) 6A 6-10A 10-16A 16-25A 25-32A 32-40A
Wire cut-area (square mm) 0.75 1.00 1.5 2.5 4 6
Note: the peak inrush current is only available to 1-4 core, core 5 above the inrush current does not exceed the rated current of the 80%
Ensure that all core wire in the Terminal and tighten the terminal screws to prevent contact.
6. For additional product information, please see the section of this Web site


1. In order to prevent risk of electric shock and burns, all the power failure please check by a qualified electrical engineer, is strictly prohibited without removing power shell.
2. Power cannot be installed in a humid environment and near water.
3. Power cannot be exposed to high temperatures and near the fire source, please refer to the specifications to determine maximum ambient temperature power supply applications.
4. Output voltage and output current range of rated values cannot exceed the specifications stipulated.
5. Ground (FG) must be connected to the Earth. "buying power supply Le Zi Ming Wei" and have questions, please call 400 600 0430.
6. All Ming Wei are designed according to the EMC specifications of the power supply, upon request, we can provide the power test reports I. because of the power supply just a part of the application, when the power is integrated into the application system, eventually EMC still need to be tested again to confirm