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Wig | gray hair wig | wig short hair | Korean wig | short bobo hair type

Wig | gray hair wig | wig short hair | Korean wig | short bobo hair type
Product code: 46062800030
Unit price 11.04$
Sold quantity 4717
Available stock 391005

Product parameters:

  • Product Name: Youqi A1021
  • Brand: excellent odd
  • Wigs single product: A1021
  • Color: Natural Black (to send care five sets) chocolate brown (to send care five sets) light brown (to send care five sets) model features - honey color (to care five sets)
  • Suitable for: fashion women
  • Hair material: high temperature wire
  • Hair wig Category: Others
  • Wig Hair: BOBO head
  • Style: sweet and lovely
  • Efficacy: instantly change the hair
  • Cosmetics features: hair styling

Delivery Time: 5 pm the day before the order issued the same day, after five orders issued the next day Oh!

Ps:The default pass-pass, you need to specify the courier pro-shot notes Oh.

Want to SF, Post can also contact customer service make up the difference.


Korean version of the air bang bobo head short hair Hot incoming

Colour: Natural black chocolate brown light brown honey color Style: Air bangs bobo head

Material: Imports of high-temperature wire matt Intranet: Comfortable breathable roses within the network

length: 36Cm weight: 165g

(Length, weight by manual measurement there are some differences only for reference not as standard length weight )

Excellent quality workmanship, comfortable to wear!

New offers are available on a first-come, first-served basis

Please do not take some twenty or thirty dollars of the cottage inferior goods to compare with us!

Compared to what we have always believed, Price = quality

We sell more than high-quality goods, more perfect after-sales service.

The new listing is now available for purchase Five sets!

Reminder: The color of the model wig because of light and other reasons may be slightly different with the original color, completely unacceptable color friends, please be careful to buy Oh.

A good wig products, in addition to the work of the Competition is the level of hair

This wig is used Imports of high-temperature wire matt Material to wear Realistic and comfortable

Good goods in my hand will feel really feel too TMD good!

No matter from which point of view is so perfect ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Choose our reasons:

1.Imitation Really big scalp design

Simulacity and human scalp similarity of 99% in the range of large scalp random shunt

2. Fashion air bangs match

Fashionable beauty of the air bangs more to highlight the MM's elegant temperament

3. The use of roses produced within the network

Quality of the network in the production of wigs in the process is also an integral part of poor internal network wear uncomfortable and very easy to bad

Youqi home with roses within the network edge design soft Good flexibility and more solid

(Because each wig color is not the same color of the network is based on the wig of the similar color with rosy and black Oh ~ ~)

Refused to fake

Figure and description can be stolen, but the excellent quality of good odd home goods is stolen

Other businesses blindly reduce costs, the quality of the commodity itself is unreasonable
Buy a bunch of bad goods hurt their health is more harm than good
So, MM who must be careful to buy before the careful careful consideration!

People often buy wigs know, Buy wig products can not just look at the price, the hair of the work is also very critical

Youqi home wigs are tested, Safe and harmless!

Then a lot of bad business in order to Reduce costs using low-quality hair, Poor hair not only on their hair caused a great impact

But also cause damage to our bodies, pro who must be aware of when the purchase of goods Do not covet cheap!

In-kind shooting Pirates of the map must study

About the picture : OUR all the pictures WYSIWYG, Parents can rest assured that the purchase of Yo ~!

(Tips: Pirates of the map were found, the treasurer immediately reported, please pilfer figure carefully considered)

Many wig shops in order to save time and effort in the production of wigs within the network, Using the same color within the network

This approach is easy to use when the buyer wear, for example, the black hair with a red network so careless to wear help

In order to allow parents to wear to prevent goofy excellent home intimate design Rose red versus black Two hair network

The color of the network according to the color of the hair to select buyers do not worry about being seen by others

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