Female wig | gray grandmother bob wig | Female short hair wig | Korean wig | bobo short hair type

Female wig | gray grandmother bob wig | Female short hair wig | Korean wig | bobo short hair type

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Product Name: Excellent Qi A1021
  • Brand: excellent Qi
  • Wig single product: A1021
  • Color classification: natural black + Five-piece dark brown + Five-piece light brown + Wujiantao Five-piece linen Partial Yellow + + Wujiantao natural caramel color black (send care Wujiantao) chocolate brown (send five nursing sets) light brown (to send care Wujiantao) mode Features - honey color (send care Wujiantao) Aoki flax gray (to send care Wujiantao) Aoki pale flax (send care Wujiantao)
  • Suitable for: fashion women
  • Hair Material: High temperature wire
  • Wig bangs Category: Other / other
  • Wig hair: BOBO head
  • Style: sweet and lovely
  • Efficacy: instant change hairstyle
  • Cosmetic Features: Hair styling

Delivery time: Order before five o'clock in the afternoon of the same day issued the next day after the order issued a five-point oh!

ps:The default in tact, you need to specify express pro notes take the time to oh.

Want SF, the Post can also contact customer service make up the difference.

Extra!! Extra!!

Korean Air bobo head bangs short hair Hot strikes

Colour: Chocolate brown Natural Black light brown honey color Style: Air bangs BOBO head

Materials: Import high temperature silk matte Intranet: Comfortable, breathable rose within the network

length: 36cm weight: 165g

(Length, weight measured by the manual there are some differences in the standard length for reference only and not as a weight )

Quality workmanship, comfortable to wear!

Offer limited number of new first-served basis

Do not pick up some twenty or thirty dollars cottage inferior goods compared to us!

We have always believed that in comparison, Price = quality

We sell more than just high-quality products, more perfect service.

New Listing now buy Jisong Wujiantao!

Reminder: Model wig color lighting and other reasons may be the original color is slightly different, can not accept the color of friends, please be careful to buy Oh.

A good wig products, in addition to work Competition is hair Ratings

This uses a wig Import high temperature silk matte Material wear them Realistic comfort

It will feel really good to get the goods feel good in your hand too TMD moment!

No matter from what point of view is so perfect ~~~~~~

Choose our reasons:

1.Imitate Design really big scalp

Fidelity and real scalp similarity of 99% in the range of random branching scalp

2. Fashion air with bangs

Fashion aesthetic air bangs can revel in the elegance of the MM

3. The use of internal production rose network

The quality of the network in wig production in the process is an integral part of the poor quality of the network and is very easy to wear uncomfortable bad

Rose skin-friendly inner edge network design optimization odd home use soft Good elasticity stronger

(Because each wig color is not the same color within the network is based on the mix of similar color wig with pink and black oh ~ ~)

He refused to fake

Drawings and descriptions can be stolen, but good quality goods is excellent odd home Pirates do not go

Other businesses blindly cut costs, the quality of goods is itself unreasonable
Buy a bunch of poor health goods hurt myself more harm than good
So, MM you must be careful before buying more careful discretion!

Often bought wigs knows, Buy Wig can not just price, hair workmanship is also very critical

Excellent odd home wigs are tested before, Security no harm!

And now a lot of bad businesses in order to Reduce the cost of using poor quality hair, Poor hair not only cause a great impact on the hair itself

Also cause damage to our bodies, the pro at the time of purchase must clearly identify the goods Do not freeloaders!

Kind shooting Pirates of the reserved

About Photos : Shop all pictures WYSIWYG, Parents can rest assured to buy Yo ~!

(Tips: Once found Pirates of the map, the treasurer immediately report, please carefully consider the Pirates of the map)

Many wig shops in order to save time and effort in making wigs within the network, the We are used within the same network color

This approach is easy to use when buyers Goof, such as black hair with red intranet so accidentally Goof

In order to prevent pro Goof excellent home while wearing an odd thoughtful design Rose Red versus black Two kinds of distribution networks

Color within the network based on hair color to choose buyer without fear of being seen with someone else

Disclaimer: We all sales description screenshots and a variety of price display theme all the data collected on the 4th day to 201,611 data cube 20142 have real data to support......