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'Korean imports' small white bear storage bag | breast milk storage bags stored milk bags 30 tablets 100ml

Product code: 46050100030
Unit price 6.25$
Sold quantity 64687
Available stock 9482

Product parameters:

  • Brand: Little White Bear
  • Name: Little White Bear
  • Item No .: 09201
  • Breast milk storage classification: breast milk storage bags
  • Capacity: 100mL
  • Capacity: 100ml
  • Specifications: 30 pieces
  • Origin: South Korea

New Early adopters: White Bear Customized 100ml breast milk storage bags new listing! Specifically for the amount of small mother tailored! Buy to send a marker pen! Buy 2 boxes minus 5 yuan! Box 3 half price!

White bear milk bag 100ml capacity accurate video test:


'Tips': Little White Bear breast storage bag capacity is accurate Oh! For those who think that inaccurate buyers we want to explain, want to know the exact capacity, the milk should be poured into the bottom after the distraction, and then there are also some of the sealing, that is, the bag as much as possible to support a similar to The shape of the cylinder, this time to look at the scale, is accurate! We tried many times, and the capacity of the same bottle! Thank you for the white bear product trust, I wish you a happy life! Baby healthy growth!