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Shun Wei car cigarette lighter dispenser for a two-car use | one-two car charger dual USB car charger

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Product parameters:

  • Brand: shunwei
  • Model: SD-1918
  • Single USB 'send fuse' white single USB 'send the fuse' black single USB 'to send two-in-one data cable' white single USB 'send two-in-one data cable' black dual USB 'fuse' white dual USB ' Fuse 'black dual USB' to send two-in-one data cable 'white dual USB' to send two-in-one data cable 'black
  • Power supply: cigarette lighter power supply
  • Input voltage: 12V

Cost promotions, activities time to buy, are presented to spare a fuse! Let you more peace of mind!

'SD-1918Dual USB models': Two-point cigarette port, 80W, dual USB, 2.1A + 1A output to support all mobile phone tablet charging, (recommend)

'SD-1909 single USB models': Two-point cigarette, 80W, single USB, 800mah output, support all mobile phones, some large-screen mobile phone may be charging more slowly, the proposed purchase 1918 models.

A: cigarette lighter hole Does not apply to the original car cigarette butts Insert heating Cigarette lighter use, Suitable for plug-in car electronic products cigarette butts charge, power supply use.

2: This is a wireless Oh, as long as the car's original cigarette lighter interface can not be blocked around the live Oh, no longer have to drag the line dragged to the.