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Mac13.3 Apple notebook keyboard membrane 13macbook12air11pro15 inch imac one computer

Mac13.3 Apple notebook keyboard membrane 13macbook12air11pro15 inch imac one computer
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  • Brand: Guangfeng source
  • Color classification: 'thin through' air11.6 inch 'thin through' new 12 inch macbook 'thin through version '13 / 15.4 inch common' thin through 'imac old keyboard' comfortable version 'air11.6 inch' comfort Version of the 'new 12-inch macbook' comfortable version '133 / 15.4-inch general 'comfortable version' imac old keyboard 'thin version + comfortable version' air11.6 inch 'thin through version + comfortable version' new 12 inch macbook 'thin Version + comfortable version '133 / 15.4 inch general 'thin version + comfortable version' imac old keyboard 'this link for the whole transparent' this do not shoot, do not know the type of consultation customer service 'comfortable version' imac new keyboard
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In order to achieve the desired fit effect, we designed the little bit is not bad,

Pro-keyboard membrane on the keyboard after the hand that is close fit.

The keyboard is only suitable for the National Bank, Hong Kong and the US version, the rest of the version of the Apple notebook are not suitable.

Note: Japanese version and the European version of the keyboard with the US version of the different, the domestic machine is the US version of the country version and the US version of the Enter key is a font, the European version and the Japanese version is 7-shaped! Please note that identify!

Comfortable version (silicone material): good ductility, high temperature, feel good, waterproof and dustproof effect is good;
Thin through version (TPU material): high transparency, with high wear resistance, environmental protection and strong, easy to deformation, anti-bacterial dust and water.