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Gold Standard Float | Gold Float | Float | Carp Float | Big Float Drift |

Gold Standard Float | Gold Float | Float | Carp Float | Big Float Drift |
Product code: 45953100030
Unit price 4.16$
Sold quantity 55228
Available stock 8815

Product parameters:

  • Brand: crown standard
  • Float classification: vertical float
  • Color classification: crown standard J-01 water drop type crown standard J-02 crown standard J-03 small version of the crown standard J-04 crown standard J-05 crown standard J-06 crown standard J-07 crown standard J-08 large buoyancy crown Standard N-03 (nano-polyculture) crown N-02 (nano-long foot small flat tail) crown standard N-03 (nano-comprehensive thick tail) crown standard N-04 (Nanometer) crown N-05 (nanometer) crown N-06 (nano) crown standard N-07 (nano) black pit carp carp crown N-08 (nano) deep water carp crown N-09 (nano) deep water D-022 Nano-deepwater large greenfish sturgeon crown D-022 nano-large buoyancy crown standard P-010
  • Material: Bale fir
  • Item No .: J-002
  • Fishing place: rivers and lakes reservoir pond
  • Tag price: 120
  • Sports Outdoors: Fishing
  • Drift number: 1 / single 2 / single 3 / single
  • Time to market: summer 2014
  • made in China
  • Mesh: a variety of mesh
  • Price range: 101-200 yuan

Crown brand new series of gold-plated float a grand listing

Factory direct low-cost discount

Variety can be optional

Click on the link to see more Choi King Series Float:

Tips: summer, the weather temperature is very high, please do not put the float for a long time on the temperature is too high (such as the summer car under the sun exposure temperature is more than 50 degrees), otherwise it will cause the gold-plated layer drum package, Because the gold layer inside is a chemical reaction generated, it is not the product itself is a problem.

This is our crown out of the public for the working class introduced a new cost-effective leisure buoy, high-quality bleaching process, soft body paint, years of professional system drift staff hand-made, so you buy is earned, with second- The price to enjoy the quality of first-line brand.

Crown Label Gold Series: Drift surface with 18K gold gold plating technology, the surface contains 18KGold content of 70% to 79.2%, 50 times higher than ordinary float glow, Its appearance Luxury, waterproof, wear, do not fry the top, the big buoyancy is not only high sensitivity and the collection value, is the so-called all the city with gold, fishing friends are gold-plated drift!

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