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Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: crown standard
  • Floating classification: vertical float
  • Color Classification: Crown Standard J-01 Water Drop Type Crown Standard J-02 Crown Standard J-03 Big Standard Crown J-04 Crown J-05 Crown J-06 Crown J-07 Crown J-08 N-02 (nano-long tail of the small flat tail) N-03 (nano-integrated type of thick tail) Crown N-01 (nano-polyculture) (Nano) crown N-08 (nano) crown standard N-06 (nano) crown standard N-07 (nano) black pit pit carp N-08 (nano) D-021 nano-deep water large objects herring sturgeon crown standard D-022 nanometer large buoyancy crown standard P-010
  • Material: Balm Chinese fir
  • Item: J-002
  • Fishing places: rivers and lakes Reservoir ponds
  • Price tag: 120
  • Sports Outdoor: Fishing
  • Drift number: No. 1 / single 2 / single 3 / single
  • Time to market: 2014 summer
  • made in China
  • Mesh: a variety of mesh
  • The price range: 101-200 yuan

Crown brand new series of gold floating float grand listing

Factory direct low-cost discount

Variety can be optional

Description: N series is now the JN series, to facilitate the distinction we are now beginning with N.

Tips: the advent of summer, the weather is very high temperature, please do not float on a long time on the high temperature of the place (such as the summer sun in the car temperature has 50 degrees above), otherwise it will cause the case of gold- Because the inside of the gold-plated layer is a chemical reaction generated, hereby description is not the product itself.

This section is our crown for the outdoor working-class introduced a new high-cost leisure buoys, high-quality bleaching process, pure imported paint, ten years of professional staff drift pure hand, so you buy is earned, with second-line The brand's price to enjoy the quality of first-line brand.

Crown standard lottery series: Floating body surface with 18K gold-plated technology, the surface with 18KThe amount of 70% to 79.2%, 50 times higher than ordinary float gloss, Its appearance Luxury! Waterproof, wear-resistant, not fried top, large buoyancy is not only high sensitivity and the value of collection, is the so-called Golden Flower with the city, fishing enthusiasts are using gold-plated drift!

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