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Yi Kashi | iphone5 color film 5S 5S apple mobile phone film color film i5 posted around systemic influx of new cartoon 5s

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Product parameters:

  • Brand: Yi Kashi
  • Model: 5s color film
  • Material: pet
  • Foil Features: Automatically fix color film HD
  • Foil type: Membrane body
  • Color Classification: 5 / 5s blue fat 5 / 5s black small floral 5 / 5s Star 5 / 5s fresh petals 5 / 5s ADD 5 / 5s with me 5 / 5s Rainbow 5 / 5s multicolored Crown 5 / 5s best year 5 / 5s national wind 5 / 5s eyes 5 / 5s do Queen 5 / 5s -OK letter 5 / 5s Superman 5 / 5s cross flag 5 / 5s Tower 5 / 5s Butterflies
  • For brand: Apple / Apple
  • Model: iphone5

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(To the negative feedback is generally 2 kinds of situations 1: 2 he bought the wrong model: they did not stick well, the screen is not clean, posted bubbles) so please take the time to pay attention to the model

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Grid pattern slip Body stickers Effect color film)

(Our non-luminous color film, more healthy, more environmentally friendly! Luminous poor health)

(Our family film, good adhesion, not like other home blew on a tilt)

The figure is: Blue fat

The figure is: a small black floral

The figure is: Star

The figure is: fresh petals

The figure is: KT Cat

The figure is: Rainbow

The figure is: Romantic Rose

The figure is: colorful crown