'Security Set' riot shields security equipment steel fork anti-cutting gloves nursery security helmet explosion-proof clothing

'Security Set' riot shields security equipment steel fork anti-cutting gloves nursery security helmet explosion-proof clothing

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: Rui Sen
  • Item No .: 00862
  • made in China
  • Price tag: 200
  • Color Classification: Metal Shield rubber stick 50 cm 3 mm thick side shield 3.5 mm thick side shield 4.0 MM thick side shield 5.0 MM thick side shield 6.0 MM thick side shield PC security helmet (default black need military green white camouflage message) PC thickening Security helmet (default black needs white message) Metal helmet (default black need military green white camouflage message) Anti-riot helmet Classic version Steel fork Deluxe steel fork 0 Shake steel fork anti-cut glove Security light flashlight Hard anti-thorn suit (default black And other digital marine desert camouflage) soft anti - thorn clothing (the default black and other digital marine desert camouflage) metal fork for the capture of the neck fork security security three - piece security security Liu Jiantao security eight
  • Time to market: 2016 summer

This shield is not broken in the normal PK cut, broken is not broken, playing does not break, the owner has been rigorously tested, take their own kitchen collection of chopped bone knife hard cut, not broken (but cut out several skin trauma.) From the 8th floor roof So you do not have to worry about the thickness of 3mm can not meet your needs, I am responsible to tell you that this shield can withstand the knife, gun (referring to the Is Hongying gun like cold weapons), stick, stick, no problem.

In addition, many procurement master of the 'polycarbonate' do not quite understand, this, the restaurant to be a simple introduction:

This product is made of high-quality transparent polycarbonate PC material, with high transparency, light weight, impact resistance, durable and other superior performance, can effectively resist the addition to the gun throwing objects and tip equipment and acid attacks , Strong protection, fixed and reliable installation, easy operation, is the law enforcement officers to perform the task of excellent protective equipment
Polycarbonate is also known as polycarbonate (Polycarbonate) commonly used abbreviations PC is a tough thermoplastic resin, usually from bisphenol A and phosgene production, and now also developed the use of non-phosgene production methods, and has 20 The industrialization of the early 1960s, the late 90s to achieve large-scale industrial production.Now it is the second largest production of polyamide engineering plastics, its name comes from its internal CO3 groups.
The application development of polycarbonate is to the high compound, high function, specialization, serialization direction of development, has introduced a CD-ROM, automotive, office equipment, cabinet, packaging, medicine, lighting, film and other products. Grade grade.
Polycarbonate is also used to make Helm of the Moon Apple 's iPod music player and ibook laptops are also made of polycarbonate.
Polycarbonate PC is a notebook computer shell material used in a, it is the raw material of oil, processed by the polyester chip factory after the polyester chips into particles, and then processed by the plastic factory has become a finished product, from a practical point of view , Its heat dissipation performance is better than the ABS plastic, heat dispersion more evenly.Polycarbonate is a common daily material because of its colorless and transparent and excellent impact resistance, the common application of a disc, glasses, water bottles , Bullet-proof glass, goggles, bank bullet-proof glass, headlights, etc., pet cage.

This shield strong impact resistance strong, resistant to throwing objects and other than qiang, pao and tax equipment, acid attacks, strong protection, installation of fixed and reliable, easy to operate, law enforcement officers is the task of the excellent protection Equipment, tested in line with Q / WHJI16-2002 "riot shield", GA422-2003 "riot shield" standard.