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Ladies scarf winter Korea | Bali yarn scarves Korean scarf Korean female scarf long dual-use shawl

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Product parameters:

  • Time to market: Summer 2015
  • Whether the mall with the money: Yes
  • Material: Others
  • Shape: Rectangle
  • Applicable season: Spring and summer and winter
  • Gender: Female
  • Pakistan: pink wave Point Pakistan: light green Watch Pakistan: khaki stripe Pakistan: beige wave Point Pakistan: Pakistan Titus: Persian Lake Green Pakistan: yellow wave Point Pakistan: sapphire Family name: Blue and white porcelain Pakistan: blue blue and white porcelain Pakistan: blue blue and white porcelain Pakistan: blue striped Pakistan: Deer khaki Pakistan: pink watch Pakistan: beige clock Pakistan: maze grid 'black' Pakistan: maze grid 'blue' Pakistan : Persian white Pakistan: Persian blue Lamba: green carriage bar: deer black
  • Scarf Brand: Icy & Color
  • Item No
  • Style: scarf / scarf
  • function: to keep warm
  • Applicable object: Student Youth Youth middle age
  • Style: Korean
  • Clothing style details: printing
  • Pattern: Other
  • Component content: 96% or more

Most customers buy four for wearing!

Korean scarf, special sales

One can be used throughout the year with a large scarf

Spring and summer when the accessories, summer when the air conditioning sun shawl, winter when the warm scarf, a year not to waste the scarf

A top four Ha

Cost-effective and practical

There will be a slight error in kind, kind of color is a little darker, a little color, please mind the pro-Shen Pai

Scientific name: Bali yarn

Packing: opp bag packaging, no packaging

Bali yarn material, not poor quality intertwined cotton, according to many buyers, many labels are Bali yarn seller, in fact, received in kind is not Bali yarn, easy to hook silk fluff. Cotton texture, the four seasons can be used, Buy a few for the match, you are the most beautiful scenery!

Ps: Bali yarn is characterized by latitude and longitude are fine fine combed strong twist yarn, fabric Latitude and longitude density Relatively small, due to the 'fine', 'dilute', coupled with strong twist, the fabric thin and transparent.

Bali yarn fabric texture thin, feel quite cool, cloth hole clear, transparent and breathable.
It should be noted that -Bali yarn features thin, thin, thin ~ occasionally there will be small spinning wire, hand to pull can be restored, there will be some minor flaws, does not affect the appearance. Material such a small problem, but the pattern look good, and then cost-effective and high, so it is still very popular, we also withstand the pressure of such a blind spot technology, so if the special mind a little bit of flaws, I suggest you give up this Kind of material, choose Chiffon ...

Khaki Stripes:

blue stripes:

Green Carriage:

Red family name wind:

Sapphire family style:

Watch light green:

Watch Beige:

Watch pink:


Navy blue and white porcelain:

Milan blue and white porcelain:

Blue and white porcelain green:

Blue and white porcelain yellow:

Blue and white porcelain pink:

Deer khaki:

Black Deer:

Persian Lake Green:

Maze Grid Black:

Labyrinth Blue:

Pink wave point:

Yellow Dot: