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Antarctic children's down jacket inner coat boys and girls light baby warm down baby clothes autumn and winter

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Product parameters:

  • Year of release Season: Fall, 2016
  • Reference Height: 66cm (for 3-6 months baby, the proposed height 59-66cm) 73cm (for 6-12 months baby, height 66-73cm) 80cm (for 12-18 months baby, height 73-85cm) 90cm (Suitable for baby, height 85-90cm) 100cm (for 3 years old baby, height 90-100cm) 110cm (for 4 years old baby, height 100-110cm) 120cm (for 5 years old baby, height 110 -120 cm)
  • Cashmere amount: 90%
  • Brand: Antarctic people
  • Filling: white duck down
  • Safety class: Class A
  • Material composition: other 100%
  • Item No .: YMNT14T80343
  • Applicable season: winter
  • Applicable Gender: Neutral
  • Color Classification: Wavelet Point - Yellow Wave Point - Blue Wave Point - Big Red Wave Point - Khaki Wave Point - Navy Big Wave Point - Yellow Big Wave Point - Big Blue Wave Point - Large Red Wave Point - Khaki Large Wave Point - blue