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Automotive GPS wireless signal detector detector detector

Automotive GPS wireless signal detector detector detector
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  • Brand: Qin Chang
  • Model: QC-CX007

Multi-function detector enhanced version CX-007

Using the latest US technology than the first generation CX-007More sensitive Detection range farther, and avoid the first generation can not detect 1.2Gand 2.4GOf the shortcomings, the use of active scanning and passive combination of wireless scanning method can accurately capture

Laser Detection Camera Distance: 10cm-10m (Naked eye to see red light flashing)

Radio Detector Camera Distance: 5cm-20m (Depending on the projector transmitter power may be)

power; 50mw to 200mw Detection distance 30-50cm

power: 300mw to 600mw Detection distance 100-200 cm

power: 800mw-1200mw Detection distance 300--2000 cm

Power Built-in lithium battery 180MA

Working current: 8-20MA

Detection laser wavelength: 920 nm

Receiving frequency range: 1MHZ-6500MHZ

size: 92mm * 52mm * 23mm