Car GPS radio wave signal detector anti-shielding anti-interference detector detector anti-eavesdropping

Car GPS radio wave signal detector anti-shielding anti-interference detector detector anti-eavesdropping

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: Qin Chang
  • Model: QC-CX007

Multifunctional detector enhanced version CX-007

The latest technology used by the US, than the first generation CX-007More sensitive Detection range farther and avoid the first generation can not be detected 1.2Gand 2.4GThe disadvantage of using active scanning and passive scanning method of combining wireless, can accurately capture Eavesdropping devices, telephone eavesdropping, digital eavesdropping, tracking, vehicle eavesdropping, wireless camera, wired camera Appliances and other radiation sources

Laser detection camera distance: 10cm-10m (The naked eye can identify red flashing)

Wave detectors The camera distance: 5cm-20m (Relying on the projector transmit power)

power; 50mw-200mw Detection distance 30-50cm

power: 300mw-600mw Detection distance 100-200cm

power: 800mw-1200mw Detection distance 300--2000cm

Power built-in lithium battery 180Milliampere

Working current: 8-20Milliampere

Probe laser wavelength: 920nm

Receive frequency range: 1MHZ-6500MHZ

size: 92mm * 52mm * 23mm

For people

1, Frequent use of bank cards populations

2, The hotel as a family trip home crowd

3, Easily candid beautiful woman

4Often those who go to public places of entertainment consumption

5, Respect their privacy and the privacy of others who

6Contact, keeping trade secrets of the person

7, People go to the mall trying on clothes

8, A technology trade secrets confidential place security personnel

9Anti-photographed, anti-eavesdropping professionals


1, Whether car or office wireless eavesdropping devices to be installed

2Your phone is being overheard or abnormal (standby transmit signals for no reason outside)

3Your work environment, whether residential buildings have rooftop base station radiation

4, SMS send and receive signals Mobile Internet signal Cell phone switch and call

5Wi-Fi signal Mobile phone base station signals Wireless surveillance system

6, Household appliances Such as microwave ovens and other leaks on the human body harmful electromagnetic radiation

7Are there suspicious radio signals Language Environment

8To detect more subtle 5.8GHZ Wireless camera videotaping Wireless eavesdropping

9Check the hotel, toilets, hotels, entertainment venues, changing rooms or other government agencies

10, Business negotiations, school examiner, factories, military facilities or government agencies

11In ATM Withdrawals cinema concert Gallery or museum