Yonago home | Continental cute resin heart-warming decoration crafts living room furnishings | wedding gift Snowman Decoration

Yonago home | Continental cute resin heart-warming decoration crafts living room furnishings | wedding gift Snowman Decoration

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: Miz / Yonago home
  • Appearance: People
  • Color Classification: Long nose snowman A snowman long nose section B, paragraph C, paragraph long nose long nose snowman snowman snowman doll section D / A snowman doll models / B models snowman doll / C models snowman doll / D models kiss snowman / A section pro pro snowman snowman ornaments gift box section B, paragraph snowman Christmas tree ornaments, paragraph 4 sets of long-nosed snowman doll ornaments family of four
  • Material: Resin
  • Product Number: ANN010009
  • Application of space: Living
  • Style: European
  • Function: Decoration
  • Decoration Type: Desktop Decoration

Product Name

Anna long nose snowman

Item No.



A paragraph: 9.5x5.5x10 (H) cm
B section: 7.7x10x7 (H) cm
C section: 6.5x11.2x6 (H) cm
D models: 4.5x10x6 (H) cm


Green resin

Display space
Living room, dining room, bedroom , Study, clubs


[My name is Snow treasure, like a warm hug]

Then nothing more than sweet cake, snow people, there ponytail angel of the more heartwarming love sweets and cute sisters, fantasy colorful joy party, even the flowers also grow wings, enjoy dancing. Regardless of whether start daydreaming, waving my magic wand, to the ice kingdom wonderful party.
Inspired by the Disney movie "Frozen." In the picturesque snow kingdom, whether it is soft adorable snowman, sweet macarons, or ponytail angel, playful joy is the absolute protagonist. Sweet color outline a pink world full of innocent romance.

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