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Rough Mighty Iceland Wool | Big Rough Woolen DIY Hat Scarf Line |

Rough Mighty Iceland Wool | Big Rough Woolen DIY Hat Scarf Line |
Product code: 45760400030
Unit price 2.88-3.33$
Sold quantity 19030
Available stock 3261

Product parameters:

  • Time to market: Fall 2015
  • Brand: Leimia
  • Wool Material: Other
  • Item: special coarse wool
  • Color classification: light camel color optional --- message gray deep treasure blue meat powder rainbow color - "rice white" - gray camel white deep gray gray gray red dark red lake blue double blue plus white melon pink powder stained Yellow Blue Purple White Liquor Red (Zaohong) White Beige Powder Purple No. 9 Dye Dye No. 10 Dye

The price is pure color half a catty (250 grams),

Segment dyeing 4 two (200 g) price,

Thick line woven hat, bold wool, this line is a special production of single-stock characteristics,

The line will be raised occasionally with a joint Belong to the normal acceptable in the film Ha.

2 groups and above to send a ring needle, the needle is not accumulated, an ID default to send a!

Do not ring the needle, you can contact customer service for the other: big crochet, big needle or other.

Other colors can click on the picture below to select

Received the goods to find us to ask for hats, bibs, bags, Wai weaving video.

Rough ring needle, click the figure below to view the purchase

Color display

Rough Ring Click on the following figure: https://detail.tmall.com/item.htm?spm=a1z10.5-b.w4011-11832014533.132.1izkMM&id=522936519231&rn=8f3de4ace8509bfaa42acfa4366e0200&abbucket=5