Female long-sleeved white shirt Slim Cotton Cube 2016 Hitz bottoming shirt thick cotton shirt blouses

Female long-sleeved white shirt Slim Cotton Cube 2016 Hitz bottoming shirt thick cotton shirt blouses

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Material Composition: cotton 76.9% viscose (viscose rayon) 19.8% 3.3% Linen
  • Sales channels Type: pure electric provider (sold online only)
  • Product Number: 15CC435
  • Clothing type version: Slim
  • Style: Commuter
  • Commuter: Korean
  • Length: conventional models
  • Sleeve: long-sleeved
  • Sleeve type:
  • Collar: Collar
  • Clothing placket: Single-row multi-buckle
  • pattern: plain
  • Clothing style details: Pierced embroidered buttons
  • Brand: Mefound / cotton cube
  • Component content: 71% (inclusive) -80% (inclusive)
  • Texture: Cotton
  • Age: 25-29 years of age
  • Year season: Spring 2016
  • Color Classification: jasmine white peach navy
  • Size: S M L XL

Very elegant and reserved a shirt, looking like a long, long time, suddenly found that this just right
And can be worn alone bottoming shirt, a multi-wear clothing, it is more of a single product
Use a small cotton fabric texture of the material, the surface of the bump effect, was to twill
Check the back of the end to end jacquard, three-dimensional fine
Pink is specifically will be woven into the color, autumn and need fresh colors
Water washed fabric, feel more soft, comfortable, easy to shrink
With the same color of the cotton side, environmental pollution, will not fade. Cotton, durable, easy to break, and performs well
Despite wearing stickers, no scratchy feeling well collar look. Collarless jacket with a number of very appropriate

size After long bust Waistline Shoulder Sleeve Length Sleeve fertilizer cuff
S 58 88 76 36 56 30 22
M 60 92 80 37 57 31.5 23
L 62 96 84 38 58 33 24
XL 64 100 88 39 59 35.5 25
Tips: Due to the location of different measurement techniques, the error in 1-3cm, please mind MM carefully shot (unit / cm)
Try report
Try size height / Cm body weight /jin Shoulder / Cm bust / Cm Waistline / Cm Fitting feel
Hu / S 160 96 37 83 65 Body type: tall, moderate upper body fit, mentally.
Li / S 150 87 35 81 63 Body types: a small man, moderate upper body slightly longer sleeves, waist with margin.
DU Li / M 163 100 40 84 69 Body type: broad shoulders, bust fit over more rounded shoulder, chest slightly larger, can accept, will be more comfortable to wear, is too large waistline.
Mei Ting / M 160 106 38 86 71 Body type: tall little bit mellow, meat on the belly, hips a little larger bust slightly smaller, acceptable size for the rest.
Elsa / M 151 96 38 88 70 Body type: skeleton small, larger circumference at the bust, tight meat, is a round figure to try and bust fit at the waist, shoulder width slightly larger, rather long sleeves.
Xiaozhu / L 161 110 39 89 69 Body type: big upper body, shoulders, arms and back meat are more suitable to wear, no package feels tight, very good activity.
Liu / L 168 110 40 88 71 Body type: North girl's body, people high, wide shoulders, long upper body, waist thinner than the overall upper body still appropriate L code, back there uplift effect, the personal stature reasons.
Dan / XL 159 130 39 87 80 Body type: plump body, a little slip shoulder to put basic fit, but rather long sleeves, shoulder a little big.
Less than / XL 167 132 39 90 77 Body type: plump body, big high, the overall upper body fit, are easy and comfortable effect
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▼ Peach
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