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2017 new stickers | glass door stickers | creative decorations | decals | window stickers stickers wall stickers

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Product parameters:

  • Brand: Chi moving
  • Item No
  • Size: Compact version
  • Color Classification: Sanfu Bag Nine lanterns firecrackers window grilles 7 lanterns chicken blessing to the octopus bag Chinese knot double blessing chicken New Year Happy Chinese knot financial resources into the spring word congratulate the New Year blessing to the ingot boy purse lantern New Year Hao Li Pisces He New Year
  • Window cut paper type: stickers
  • Material: PVC

Each part is independent of the free arrangement of high density control their own pro ~

Size: about 60 * 90cm (specific need to paste) (Leaflets for 1.5 square or so paste, large window area, it is recommended to buy a few patterns can mix and match combinations, the better)

Scope of application: glass stickers outdoor large-scale hotel large-scale shopping malls bar supermarket chain clothing monopoly kindergarten classroom glass church and other scenes decoration