Air quality testing instrument | Laser PM2.5 detector TVOC CO2 WIFI cloud platform monitoring SDM805

Air quality testing instrument | Laser PM2.5 detector TVOC CO2 WIFI cloud platform monitoring SDM805

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: Qian Yong
  • Model: SDM805
  • Color Classification: PM2.5 PM2.5PM10 + temperature and humidity PM2.5 + PM10 + Co2 PM2.5 + PM10 + TVOC PM2.5 + PM10 + temperature and humidity + TVOC + Co2

Treasurer, said: This is a tricky networked air quality monitoring equipment, Engineered Products , With the cloud platform for building real-time environmental monitoring system it can be used for a variety of clubs, hotels, clean showroom, schools, hospitals, office buildings, homes, villas and other indoor and outdoor air quality monitoring.

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product description

product description

PM2.5 measuring instrument SDM805 Cloud is a comprehensive 24-hour air quality monitoring instrument, equipped with high-precision laser sensor PM2.5 SDS011, it can be extended to monitor temperature, humidity, CO2, TVOC and other air quality parameters.

SDM805 built-in wifi modules, you can upload the data to the cloud server, with cleaner, new air control system for controlling communication in order to achieve purification equipment manual or intelligent control; smart home, networking, cloud and big data analysis provided a strong monitoring terminal.

Application areas

Various clubs, hotels, clean showroom, schools, hospitals, office buildings, homes, villas and other indoor and outdoor air quality monitoring.

Product Features

Data monitoring : The PM2.5 data terminal equipment at various points [It can be equipped with carbon dioxide concentration, temperature and humidity, TVOC, etc. ] Real-time monitoring and digital display;

data transmission : The wireless transmission of data to a local server or cloud server;

data storage : Using a local server or cloud server stores historical data, and supports data download function;

Data Monitor : You can view your phone, tablet, or computer data through a network of multiple devices of the current air quality monitoring data for each sub-point numbers, and real-time dynamic curves of two display modes; the user can also choose to display a single point or multi-point simultaneous contrast display;.

control function : Can the new air system, purifiers and other remote devices and artificial intelligent remote control, immediately upgrade to the smart home purification systems, networking;

Indoor and outdoor PM2.5 measurement data : Cloud measuring instrument has a special hose fittings and design ventilation, air-conditioning hose out into the hole through the wall can be easily achieved outdoor PM2.5 measurements.

Data propaganda : The data in sharp contrast outdoor and indoor purification made real-time propaganda page, allowing users to experience the purifying effects users can visit the model, the credibility of the verification data, thereby purifying effect on trust.

Product Features

  1. Data is accurate: with high-precision laser sensor PM2.5 SDS011;
  2. Real-time monitoring: second stage output, fast response, allowing users to see the fastest real-time monitoring data;
  3. Centralized monitoring: real-time monitoring of multiple rooms indoor and outdoor data;
  4. Digital display: Digital display on both cloud measuring instrument, software, mobile APP;
  5. Data curve: it can display the last hour, 24 hours, historical data, and custom start and end time, and are plotted;
  6. Data Download: curve data download data to Excel;
  7. Cloud server: wifi air quality monitoring data to the cloud server via wireless transmission;
  8. Custom development: open solutions to meet different needs;
  9. Open communication protocols: Fast and smart home networking with the butt;
  10. Open Cloud Server API function: Low Cost quickly develop your own data display interface seamlessly embedded into your own website;
  11. The most convenient outdoor measurements: cloud measuring instrument hose fittings, hose out into the can after the outdoor air conditioning through hole through the wall immediately outside measurement.
  12. Cloud Atmospheric Environmental monitoring: rapid and cost the city arranged a large number of cloud testing site, real-time measurement data cloud maps, process analysis deduction of PM2.5 pollution.
  13. Convenient place: Desktop, wall [optional 86 boxes hidden power, but also easy to install an optional external power supply].

Measurement outdoor installation:

In addition to directly mounted to the outdoor way outside, SDM805 also specially designed equipment in the room, measuring in outdoor air sampling: After hose into the air intake, air conditioning through hole through the wall of the hose out into the outdoors can be achieved non-perforated outdoor PM2.5 measurement data.

Test Data:

You can contact the treasurer showroom view data link.