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Air Quality Monitor | Laser PM2.5 Detector TVOC CO2 WIFI Cloud Platform Monitoring SDM805

Air Quality Monitor | Laser PM2.5 Detector TVOC CO2 WIFI Cloud Platform Monitoring SDM805
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Product parameters:

  • Brand: Qian Chung
  • Model: SDM805
  • Color classification: PM2.5 PM2.5PM10 + Temperature and humidity PM2.5 + PM10 + Co2 PM2.5 + PM10 + TVOC PM2.5 + PM10 + Temperature and humidity + TVOC + Co2

Treasurer said: This is a reliable network-based air quality monitoring equipment, Engineering-grade products , With the use of cloud platform for the construction of real-time environmental monitoring system can be used for a variety of clubs, hotels, clean rooms, schools, hospitals, office buildings, houses, villas and other indoor and outdoor air quality monitoring.

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product description

product description

PM2.5 cloud measuring instrument SDM805 is a comprehensive 24-hour air quality monitor, equipped with high-precision laser PM2.5 sensor SDS011, can also extend the monitoring temperature, humidity, CO2, TVOC and other air quality parameters.

SDM805 built-in wifi module, you can upload data to the cloud server, you can with the purifier, fresh air control system for communication control, in order to achieve purification equipment manual or intelligent control; for intelligent home, Internet of things, cloud data and large data analysis A strong monitoring terminal.

Applicable places

Various clubs, hotels, clean model rooms, schools, hospitals, office buildings, residential, villas and other indoor and outdoor air quality monitoring.

Product Features

Data monitoring : The PM2.5 data & lt; RTI ID = 0.0 & gt; & lt; / RTI & gt;Can be installed carbon dioxide concentration, temperature and humidity, TVOC and so on 'For real-time monitoring and digital display;

data transmission : Wireless transmission of data to the local server or cloud server;

data storage : The use of local server or cloud server can store historical data, and supports data download function;

Data monitoring : You can view the data of multiple devices through the mobile phone, the tablet or the computer through the network.The current air quality minute figure and the real time dynamic curve two display modes of each data monitoring point;

control function : Can achieve the new air system, purifier and other equipment, remote manual and remote intelligent control, and immediately upgrade the purification system to smart home, Internet of things;

Indoor and outdoor PM2.5 data measurement : Cloud measuring instrument has a special hose connector and ventilation design, the hose into the air through the wall hole can easily achieve outdoor PM2.5 measurements.

Data dissemination : The strong contrast between the outdoor and clean room data into a real-time promotional page, allowing users to experience the effect of purification at any time users can visit the model to verify the credibility of the data, resulting in the purification effect of trust.

Product Features

  1. Data accuracy: equipped with high-precision laser PM2.5 sensor SDS011;
  2. Real-time monitoring: second-level output, fast response, allowing users to see the fastest real-time monitoring data;
  3. Centralized monitoring: real-time monitoring of multiple rooms indoor and outdoor data;
  4. Digital display: cloud measuring instrument, software, mobile phones are on the digital display APP;
  5. Data curve: can display the last 1 hour, 24 hours, and custom start and end time of the historical data, and draw the curve;
  6. Data Download: download the curve data to the Excel table;
  7. Cloud server: through the wifi air quality monitoring data wirelessly transmitted to the cloud server;
  8. Customized development: open plan, to meet different needs;
  9. Open communication protocol: fast with the Internet of Things and smart home docking;
  10. Open cloud server API functions: low-cost rapid development of their own data display interface, seamlessly embedded into their own Web site;
  11. The most convenient outdoor measurement: cloud measuring instrument has a hose connector, you can take the hose through the air through the wall hole outdoors, immediately outdoor measurement.
  12. Atmospheric environmental cloud monitoring: rapid low-cost layout in the city a large number of cloud measurement station, real-time measurement of cloud data map, analysis of deduction PM2.5 pollution process.
  13. Easy to place: desktop, wall 'optional 86 boxes hidden power, but also an optional external power supply easy installation'.

Measurement of outdoor installation:

In addition to direct installation to the outdoor mode, SDM805 also specially designed equipment in the room, measuring the air sampling in the outdoor way: After the hose into the air inlet, through the air through the wall hole to the hose can be achieved outside the hole Measure outdoor PM2.5 data.

Test Data:

You can contact the treasurer to view the data link between the model.