Aibo Xiang hunt instrument patrol PK65H network cable tester cable tester hunt is to check the monitor BNC cable network cable tester

Aibo Xiang hunt instrument patrol PK65H network cable tester cable tester hunt is to check the monitor BNC cable network cable tester

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: i-POOK / Bo Ai Xiang
  • Model: PK65H
  • Product Number: PK65H
  • Color Classification: PK65H official standard PK65A official standard (with on-off function) PK65H official standard + 9V rechargeable Package PK65A official standard + 9V charging sets
  • Renovation and construction content: Installation Engineering


This product is based on long-term practical experience, beyond the conventional concept, a unique data transmission technology designed multi-purpose product line positioning, it has a hunt on line, off line, fiber optic lines visual positioning, lighting and other functions, with transmission distance, clear voice features, a variety of communication line installation, utilities, engineering and maintenance personnel can quickly and efficiently find the target from a large number of cable or fiber optic cable in the harness through which the products are widely used in computer networks, fiber-optic communications network, telephone network, video network engineering and other metal wire lines occasions. this product is Visual fault detectors (red pen) function with a network cable tester hunt the perfect combination.

Product Features:

  • Smart Line Hunting functional design

  • Professional exquisite appearance
  • Humane cable line sequence on the line
  • Practical flashlight
  • Convenient sensitivity / volume adjustment
  • Automatic shutdown saving design
  • Aibo Xiang professional quality assurance

Product components:

  • Box + blister package (see product object image)
  • The host of a network detector;
  • Hunt receivers PK23A one;
  • Owner's Manual a;
  • Alligator clip adapter line;

Detailed features:

  • Hunt function (SCAN)

Hunt functional products primarily in the many pairs quickly find out a pair of lines needed. The end of the line under test (for example, network lines, telephone lines, video signal lines) access to transmitter RJ-11 / RJ -45 outlet, the transmitter on, press the SCAN button, the product SCAN lights, signal transmission products to enter the hunt state needs to locate the end of the connection line. press the receiver SCAN button, the measured lines the other end (for example, the hub terminal end of the line, patch panels telephone system, cable boxes, computer networks) listeners' beep 'sound emitted by the receiver around the horn. Compare' beep 'sound size, issue the' beep beep 'sound the loudest pair of lines is to be by looking for a pair of lines.

In noisy environments, if the 'beep' sound obvious, press Hz switching frequency of the transmitter on the hunt signal to confirm whether the received voice sound signal for a hunt or noise.

  • On line function (TEST)

Use of line hunt instrument function, you can quickly test the following open, short circuit and line sequence like the basic physical connectivity features:
1, using the IEEE 10Base-T, EIA / TIA 568A, EIA / EIA568B, AT & T258A, Token- Ring and other standard UTP computer network lines;
2, 2 core, 4-core telephone lines, etc;
3, any other metal cable.
Connect one end of the line under test access - shot the RJ-45 jack or via adapter cable. Press the transmitter TEST function keys, OHM long bright lights, SCAN light flashes to indicate normal operation of the transmitter line function. Connect the other end of the line under test access to the receiver's RJ-45 jack, according to eight line status indicators on the receiver (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8) of the state determination line good or bad.
This product line features can shield test line (G) is good or bad.

Product Features:

  • Hunt functions
  • Function on line
  • Flashlight
  • Hunt least signal transmission distance of 1 km
  • The output signal level of about 15Vp-p (adjustable frequency)
  • Energy-saving design / sensitivity adjustable
  • Low voltage alarm / headphone function / adjustable volume