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Jade cats temptation | sexy lingerie suit | temptation | real sexy transparent pajamas night skirt

Jade cats temptation | sexy lingerie suit | temptation | real sexy transparent pajamas night skirt
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Product parameters:

  • Time to market: Summer 2015
  • Brand: Fei silk soft
  • For the scene: pajamas
  • Suitable for: youth
  • Fabric material composition: polyamide fiber (nylon) 94.8% polyurethane elastic fiber (spandex) 5.2%
  • Ref: 7011-1
  • color: black
  • Size: 155 (S) 160 (M) 165 (L) 170 (XL)
  • Fabric commonly known as: net yarn fabric
  • Fabric material: nylon
  • Ingredient Content: 61% (including) -80% (inclusive)
  • The main fabric weight: 200g and below
  • pattern: plain
  • Clothing style details: stitching decoration
  • Collar type: round neck
  • Sleeve: harness
  • Skirt length: short
  • Home style: sexy

'Washing' 40 degrees below the water temperature hand-washing, not high-temperature ironing, not rinse, hanging dry, banned bleaching;

'Note' due to different display may cause color, so the product color to prevail in kind, the picture is for reference only. This product fabric exquisite, please do not use nails and other sharp items cut rub;

If the quality problems, to accept returns within seven days, returned when you keep the package complete, if the quality of the product is not the same as the quality of the product, Goods complete, thank you!

'privacy protection'We strictly guarantee your privacy, to take confidential mail, express orders will not appear on any product words.

★ Please read the following circumstances before buying, photographed that already know, we do not accept the return of the following applications ★

1, odor problems (some fabric or material after special treatment may have some odor, the general will be eliminated after the water);

2, the size of the problem (this product is the average size, suitable for Asian women in general figure, if special circumstances, will specify that you have any doubts about the size, please contact customer service before purchase);

3, the problem of fading (because the dye and dye-fixing agent after treatment, though to go through a few Road, low temperature washing process before entering the cutting process, but still there will be some residual dye, and these residues on the common occurrence of common Of the fade, it is recommended to pay attention to the time when washing clothes and light-colored clothes washed separately);

4, thread and other auxiliary production process did not deal with clean; (We will try to avoid the occurrence of such cases, but take the volume of large occasional slip network is not detected products, customers can use their own scissors removed);

5, light-colored fabric on the micro-dirty, the general can be removed after washing (production and sales process may bring, personal clothing we strongly recommend that after washing);

6, the quality of good or bad or transparent, etc. (there is no specific standard, can not determine good or bad, please understand).