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Ymer Huawei 6 Tempered Film | Glory 6 Front and Back Back Cover Phone Mask H60-L01 / L11 Anti-fingerprint

Ymer Huawei 6 Tempered Film | Glory 6 Front and Back Back Cover Phone Mask H60-L01 / L11 Anti-fingerprint
Product code: 45611700030
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Product parameters:

  • Brand: YMER / Yimir
  • Model: Huawei glory 6 tempered film glory 6 mobile phone film glory 6 before and after the phone film tempered glass film
  • Material: tempered glass
  • Film features: anti-reflective anti-fingerprint HD
  • Film type: before and after the film
  • Color classification: 'Note' 'buy 1 get 1 is to shoot 2 pieces of billing after the automatic 5 fold delivery 2! Shoot 1 piece made only one' buy one get one, please take 2! (Front film) glory 6 steel (Front film) glory 6 steel film 'arc blue anti-blue upgrade version' √ buy one get one, please take two! (Back film) glory 6 steel film 'arc scratch scratch resistance' √
  • Applicable to the brand: Huawei / Huawei
  • Model: H60-L01

Huawei glory 6 tempered glass film 9H Anti - scratch explosion - proof glass film

The use of space materials import and export raw materials advanced Nano-precipitation design allows the screen can not be broken

'I mil / ymer 'Brand Three advantages of tempered glass film:

1. Scratch resistance: use Aerospace materials import and export materials , Hardness up to amazing 9H indicators.

2. Anti-burst: Special steel processing, cushioning, no debris, To prevent accidents, the use of security, The best substitute for the screen!

High definition : Optical grade light transmittance, 100% restore the screen itself, and can further sharpen the screen details show the effect!

4. Carved edging: Leading the industry's high-precision carving process, 10 milling process of uncompromising attention, ± Tolerance strictly controlled within 1C!

5. Reactive: Thickness is only 0.2MM, smooth touch , Control zero delay!

6. Cohesion & Flow: Liquid non-stick, Easy to take care!

7. Fool-style stickers: Contains humanized film Auxiliary tools group , And super adsorption force, alignment, put down, Automatic adsorption, exclusion of air!

8. iimir / ymer: Sales stick, word of mouth, quality stick! Best foil brand!


The first time to check the film is good! Foil process caused by human error. Posted on the default we received the film is good, and then reflect the bad after-sales treatment Oh. Thank you understanding!