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AYU cat cute hanging neck oblique cross package 6P large screen mobile phone bag Korean girl mini bag purse summer

AYU cat cute hanging neck oblique cross package 6P large screen mobile phone bag Korean girl mini bag purse summer
Product code: 45610000030
Unit price 10.88-11.68$
Sold quantity 4252
Available stock 235

Product parameters:

  • Time to market: 2016 spring
  • Item: 105-195
  • Applicable to: youth
  • Sales channel type: pure electricity business (only online sales)
  • Gender: Female
  • Fold: 2 fold
  • Internal structure: other photo bit dark lattice lattice bit
  • Texture: PU
  • Material Technology: Matte
  • Brand: AYU / Yamada Hanako
  • Popular elements: hit color
  • Style: small fresh
  • Pattern: Animal pattern
  • Color classification: dark blue large - coarse lines mobile phone bag deep red large - coarse lines mobile phone bag dark gray large - coarse pattern phone bag treasure blue large - fine lines mobile phone bag dark blue 'small' - coarse line phone bag deep Red 'small' - coarse pattern phone bag dark gray 'small' - coarse pattern phone bag
  • Condition: New
  • Closed way: zipper buckle
  • Shape: vertical section
  • Material: polyester cotton
  • Size: Length 17.5cm * Width 10cm * Thickness 1.5cm

AYU women hanging neck / oblique mobile phone bag

'Product size' large: high 17.5cm * width 10cm * thickness 1.5cm

small: High 15.5 * wide 9.5 * thick 1.5cm (for mobile phone screen 4.7 inches below)

Adjustable dual-use rope (48cm-130cm)

Handle rope (35cm)

'Instructions'Hanging neck - the back rope to the shortest Oblique cross - the tail rope should be properly adjusted

'Scope' iPhone6, iphone6plus, Samsung note3 / 4, 7100, 9300 and other large-screen mobile phone

'Color description' dark blue - coarse soft leather (size), dark gray - coarse lines, rose pink - coarse lines, sapphire blue - fine lines

Treasure * blue * color - fine * pattern

*common problem*:

1, About size -- How much phone can be put down

MM mobile phones are getting bigger and bigger, in order to meet the needs of everyone, now size uniformLength 17.5 * Width 10 * Thickness 1.5cm , The front pocket can be placed under the shell length of less than 16cm mobile phone! Back zipper bag with a '7' font approach, opening larger than before, you can put more change, keys or other small items. , There are two mobile phone MM, you can also put a small phone in the back pocket. After the bag can be placed around the i5 thin mobile phone.

2, Material issues - durable? Sturdy?

This section of the small backpack used this year, particularly popular ultra-fiber fabric, more durable than the PU texture Oh! Normal use for several years are absolutely no problem Ha ~ and the texture of natural thick, so even super fiber materials, but also exudes high Leather breath!

3, Postage problem - can you free mail?

Everybody MM, AYU product is Can not help postal mail Of Kazakhstan, but we can say that the store's postage is very favorable Oh ~! To Beijing, for example, 12 yuan courier, we only charge 6 dollars. Any other place also, Only less income, will not be overcharged , Please beauty are assured to buy ~!