Golovin Raystown 2015 winter thick outer wear thin down pants female trousers plus velvet warm pants waist slacks

Golovin Raystown 2015 winter thick outer wear thin down pants female trousers plus velvet warm pants waist slacks

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Listed year season: 2015 Winter
  • Length: trousers
  • Sales channels Type: pure electric provider (sold online only)
  • Product Number: GD114613
  • Brand: Golo Ruisi
  • Color Classification: boot-cut section straight section
  • Size: 26 2,728,293,031,323,334
  • Waist type: Waist
  • Style: Other
  • The way they dress: Waichuan detachable liner
  • Fabric: Other
  • Component content: 81% (inclusive) -90% (inclusive)
  • Thickness: thick
  • Filling: white duck down
  • Age: 30-34 years of age

Why do we know what people choose?

(1) Q: This can also free shipping cheap you do?

A: In order to repay pro has been supporting, and now do activity 199Yuan Free shipping Now you can enjoy the baby collection baby share price activity, prices in the process and ensure constant fabric does not accept the bargain Oh, Lynx can not change the price Oh, I hope parents who understand, we guarantee $ 199 pants Golo Ruisi stores to sell more than 300. we only authentic, we Guaranteed authentic, Lynx shop guarantee.

The product is good, customers have the final say! High Rated 4.9 stars testify , We are the pants are confident enough to let the pro-like, oh, we can give guarantee that if the pro-pants feel good quality, worth the price, we bear the return shipping back and forth to the pro. I believe the brand, I believe the Lynx, we believe that's right.

(2) Q: When shipping hair courier?!?

A: After the first time photographed early delivery can make the spirit of the principles of shipping you receive and choose express which of course only if you are there in order to be able to express Remarks We try to meet your shipping requirements we generally only fat rhyme. rhyme less hair postal packets, in particular, express delivery and other special areas, please contact our customer service, customer service will make pro satisfaction!

(3) Q: I am not satisfied with how to do how do shipping??

answer: We now support 15 days no reason to return , This is to let you free shipping online shopping worry-free!

(4) Q: how about this one fabric style it??

A: This fabric next to the skin, feel good, custom fabrics, Crop cultivation is particularly exquisite effect does not fade, casual wild section, love how to wear to how to wear to work everyday casual wear no problem.

Boot-cut, straight two options, there is always a right for you!

(5) Q: Is it true feather-containing how easy washable fabric quantity it???

A: pro, 100% guarantee 90% white duck down, yet light and comfortable and warm, with a high amount of cashmere, brand guarantee, is to ensure that parents who praise specially designed! Removable liner , A three quarters to wear pants, washable very convenient! Pro, opportunity fleeting, not taking advantage of the price, and quickly snapped up the!!!!