Solid color Korean flannel flannel thickening four-piece winter coral velvet bed sheets apply 1.8m bed

Solid color Korean flannel flannel thickening four-piece winter coral velvet bed sheets apply 1.8m bed

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Number of pieces: 4 pieces
  • Surface material: other
  • Brand: Soo
  • Item No: 42327/42328
  • Material: Polyester (polyester)
  • Polyester fabric: coral velvet
  • Bedding process: other
  • Applicable Bed Size: ★ 1.2 Bed ★ 1.5 Bed ★ ★ 1.8 bed ★ section of the bed to increase the size of the bed 1.8 bed 1.2m (4 feet) bed 1.5m (5 feet) bed 1.8m (6 feet) bed 2.0m (6.6 feet) bed
  • pattern: plain
  • Style: bed sheet
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  • Product grade: qualified products
  • Style: Simple
  • Fabric count: 40 pieces
  • Fabric density: 173X118
  • Product bar code: 0000000000000
  • Weaving process: plain weave cloth

Brand SUAO
Product name

Fala Le four pieces

Item Suao808
Standard sizes

(1.2m bed): Quilt cover: 150x200cm * 1 Bed sheet: 200x230cm * 1 Pillowcase: 48x74cm * 1

(1.5m-1.8m bed): quilt cover: 200x230cm * 1 bed sheet: 230x250cm * 1 pillowcase: 48x74cm * 2

(2m bed): quilt cover: 220x240cm * 1 bed sheet: 230x250cm * 1 'pillowcase: 48x74cm * 2

Product ingredients

Fabric: 100% polyester fiber

Product quality

Qualified products

Product performance standards

GB / T22844-2009

Washing instructions

Ease water washing, the maximum wash temperature of 40 degrees, not bleach, hanging dry


Buy before must see: color problems, the first wash with a little floating hair is normal, France velvet fabric elasticity size - about +5 cm is normal, the above problems can not be as a quality problem (quality problems, including open lines, stains , Hair loss, fade, etc. are relatively easy to determine the quality problems are)

Note: the product weight for the sample weighing, due to product weight may have a small error, mind carefully shot!

Washed products, hair removal and other issues in addition to fade away other issues not given returned