Suao bedding solid Korean family of four law Levin cashmere flannel winter thick coral velvet quilt style sheets

Suao bedding solid Korean family of four law Levin cashmere flannel winter thick coral velvet quilt style sheets

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Number of members: 4
  • Quilt cover material: other / other
  • Brand: Suao
  • Item: 42327/42328
  • Is material: Polyester (Polyester)
  • Polyester Fabric: Coral velvet
  • Bedding craft: Other
  • Applicable bed size: ★ 1.2 ★ 1.5 subsection bed enterprises bed enterprises bed enterprises subsection subsection ★ 1.8 ★ 2 m bed Li subsection 1.2m (4 feet) bed 1.5m (5 feet) bed 1.8m (6 feet) bed 2.0m (6.6 feet) bed
  • pattern: plain
  • Style: style sheets
  • Color Classification: sporty - sapphire blue card with sporty - Purple Rose sporty - sapphire blue gray sporty - Zixue sporty blue - silver powder sporty - Lan Mei red sporty - charm purple pink sporty - coffee card sporty - sporty pretty orange card - Rose meter fashion models - sapphire blue gray fashion models - sapphire blue khaki fashion models - fashion models sapphire blue dark coffee - ash fashion models - pink khaki fashion models - pink lilac fashion models - Asher fashion models - purple charm pink sporty - Purple charm fashion models - light coffee dark coffee fashion models - Violet lilac fashion models - dark blue red
  • Product Grade: Qualified
  • Style: Simple
  • Fabric count: 40
  • Fabric Density: 173X118
  • EAN Code: 0000000000000
  • Weaving process: plain cloth

Brands SUAO Suao
Product name

Velvet law Levin family of four

Num. suao808
Standard sizes

(1.2m bed): Quilt: 150x200cm * 1 sheets: 200x230cm * 1 pillowcase: 45x75cm * 2

(1.5m-1.8m bed): Quilt: 200x230cm * 1 sheets: 250x250cm * 1 pillowcase: 45x75cm * 2

(2m bed): Quilt: 220x240cm * 1 sheets: 250x250cm * 1 'pillowcase: 45x75cm * 2


Fabric: 100% polyester

Product quality


Product performance standards

GB / T22844-2009

Washing instructions

Ease washing water, washing the highest temperature of 40 degrees, do not bleach, hang dry


Buy before must see: the color problem, first wash a little floating hair is normal, law Levin velvet fabric elasticated size - + 5cm or so is normal, the above problems are not as quality problems (including open line quality issues, stains , hair loss, fade, etc. are relatively easy to determine a quality problem)

Note: Weight of the sample extract weighed, because the product may be different weight there is a small error, mind carefully shot!

Other issues The washed product to get rid of hair problems than not fade gift returned