High sensitivity hand-held metal detector | wood factory probe nail device | station examination room security instrument

High sensitivity hand-held metal detector | wood factory probe nail device | station examination room security instrument

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: Qin Chang
  • Model: QC-GP-3003B1

Metal detectors Suitable places:

1. Check the students in the school examination room to carry the phone into the examination room or classroom

2. Factory, railway station, airport security

This product through the national authority of the third party certification.

Such as the receipt of goods after the impact of quality problems using our 7 days no reason to return, 30 days replacement, one year warranty.

First, the schematic diagram:

1, Detection surface
2, 3, 4: Indicator light (green for the power indicator; yellow for the undervoltage indication; red for the alarm indication)
5, Power switch
, Sensitivity adjustment hole
7, Handle
, battery cover
9, Charging socket
, Switch (sound and light, vibration)
Second, use:
1, Airport, railway station, wharf electronic detection inspection;
2, Customs, **, border, security sector security checks;
3, Medicine, food business system quality inspection;
4, Important places, stadium security inspection;
5, Precious metals testing, such as gold and silver jewelry factory.
three, Detection range:
1, Pins 30-60 mm;
2, 64 type pistol 150 mm;
3, Six inches dagger 160 mm;
4, Diameter 20 mm
, Steel balls 90mm.
four, Features:
1, High sensitivity.
2, Easy to use, convenient, without adjustment;
3, 9VThe battery is lowered 7V, Detection range unchanged;
4, Electricity province, can work continuously 40Hour or more;
5, When the battery runs out, there is an automatic continuous warning sound;
6, A boot, shutdown sound prompt function;
7, An external charging jack;
8, A sound and light, vibration switch
Fifth, replace the battery:
, With the thumb in the groove back to open the battery back cover.
2, According to the battery cover on the positive and negative symbols into 6F22 (9V) Battery.
3, Close the battery cover and push it forward.
Sixth, use:
1, Turn on the power switch (5), Heard '' If there is no sound, it indicates that the battery is not installed or the battery is in bad contact. If the battery is not used any longer, the battery should be renewed.
2, Start the sound after the stop, you can carry out high-sensitivity detection, the handle will be detected in the probe around the probe, a metal object that is issued when the alarm sound, while the green light into a red light; stop scanning, That is, stop, the red light turns green.
7, sensitivity adjustment:
1, Such as the detection range of less than the specified requirements or sensitivity is too high to cause instability or the human body without metal exploration also issued a sound, the sensitivity should be adjusted.
2, Use a small flat-blade screwdriver to extend clockwise from the hole in the handle of the detector. Turn it counter-clockwise until the sensitivity is satisfied.
Eight, note:
1, Do not forget to turn off the power after use.
2, Long-term need not remove the battery.
3, Fixed to the metal object when the probe is not made of sound, but only when the metal in the sweep sound.
4, Turn off the power switch when charging(5).
5, Charger voltage: DC10V . (Charger with self)

Product real photo map: